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5 Facts Proving ‘They Are Coming For Your Guns’ Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

While gun control advocates say they just want “common sense” legislation, all signs point towards a push for the repeal of the Second Amendment. (TFTP) Many of the politicians, mainstream media pundits, and students who call for stricter gun control laws insist that they are only seeking “common sense” gun legislation. But in reality, the Read More…

mental illness
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How Gun Control Laws For “Mentally Ill” Could Disarm Those Who Question Authority

To prevent mentally ill people from owning firearms is a severe form of “ableist” discrimination, and also opens the door for nearly anyone to be classified as mentally ill. (TFTP) In the growing debate surrounding the natural right to self-defense, one of the most popular proposed methods of gun control has been restrictions on gun-ownership Read More…

The Daily Wrap Up
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Missing CDC Researcher Found Dead, Town Bans Guns, Child Allergy Epidemic Exposed & Gov Pushes Meds

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/5/18). For many, if I had done a show 5 years ago, 2 even, telling you that Facebook was allowing your most personal data to be mined and Read More…

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Ron Paul: Gun Control Won’t Solve the Problem — Let’s Look Beyond Politics

Another terrible school shooting took place in Parkland, Florida last week and unfortunately many politicians and pundits have used the tragedy – as they often do – to push their own agenda. Many will use the tragedy to argue that Americans should be prohibited from owning guns. As if anti-gun laws would dissuade a disturbed Read More…

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The Las Vegas Shooting And What You Aren’t Seeing

The idea of a false flag, while having a verifiable history in both the US and elsewhere, has been largely seen as a “conspiracy theory” throughout the years, again, despite tangible evidence to the contrary. Why is that? That type of collectively incorrect group-think perspective, on a specific topic, simply does not happen organically; it’s created, cultivated, and stoked. Meaning there was, and is, a concerted effort Read More…

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New Law Lets Police Confiscate Guns “Without Due Process” If Someone Reports You

A new law in Oregon could lead to residents having all of their guns confiscated based on a single complaint, raising concerns about the possibility of corruption if false complaints are used to strip law-abiding citizens of their right to defend themselves. Senate Bill 719, which is defined as one that “Creates process for obtaining Read More…