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Memo To The President Ahead Of Monday’s Summit

With Friday’s indictments of Russian intelligence officers, Ray McGovern and Bill Binney have written an open letter to President Trump making clear that the “evidence” behind the indictments is as fraudulent as the intelligence alleging WMD in Iraq. It is being published exclusively here ahead of the Trump-Putin summit on Monday. BRIEFING FOR: The President Read More…

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Paul Craig Roberts On “The Conspiracy To Remove Trump From The Presidency”

US intelligence services, the Democratic Party, some Republicans including members of President Trump’s own government, and the presstitute US media are conspiring against American democracy and the President of the United States. We know this from a public letter to Trump published today, July 24, 2017, on by Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. MEMORANDUM FOR: The President Read More…

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“Evidence and Proof”

“Evidence” and “proof.” Two words that are inter-related, but very different. Two words that are often used interchangeably, but cannot be legitimately interchanged. Two words that are (often by design, but oftener by accident) improperly used to mislead.   As we watch the investigations into the hacking of the 2016 Election by Russia, and the Read More…

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MSM Runs With Claim Of Russia Hacking Nuclear Plants Despite Admitting To Zero Evidence

MSM ran with a report about “Russians hacking nuclear plants” – there is just one problem, the report they are all citing explicitly states within the first paragraph that there is no evidence of hacking. The report originating from the Washington Post ran the headline “U.S. officials say Russian government hackers have penetrated energy and nuclear company business networks,” Read More…

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DNC Server: Most Critical Evidence To Proving “Russian Hacking” Is Being Withheld From Mueller, Why?

If there were any actual crimes committed during the 2016 presidential election, then the origin of those crimes can be traced back to a single piece of hardware sitting at the DNC which housed the emails that were stolen and subsequently shared with WikiLeaks.  Ironically, despite the fact that they’re apparently sitting on perhaps the Read More…

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Comey Friend Unveils “Smoking Gun” Story

For about a week now, Benjamin Wittes, the Brookings Institution senior fellow and noted ally of former FBI Director James Comey, has been taunting the Trump administration with tweets suggesting that another ‘bombshell’ story, presumably related to the Russia investigation, was in the works and set to drop any minute (we covered it all here: “Tick, Read More…