Verlon Gates is a retired veteran of 62 years. He has spent most of those years questioning orthodox answers and seeking alternate viewpoints which better explain life, existence, and the universe. Mr. Gates believes that there are two basic kinds of people. Those who invest their energy in defending who/what they already are, and those who invest their energy into improving who/what they already are – trying to “become more” than who/what they already are. His goal is to be one of the people who are constantly trying to “become more” than they already are. To accomplish that goal, he tries to be a “respectful skeptic, not a hard-bitten cynic."
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“Evidence and Proof”

“Evidence” and “proof.” Two words that are inter-related, but very different. Two words that are often used interchangeably, but cannot be legitimately interchanged. Two words that are (often by design, but oftener by accident) improperly used to mislead.   As we watch the investigations into the hacking of the 2016 Election by Russia, and the Read More…

counterfeit reality
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Counterfeit Reality: The Media Controlled American Illusion

Most everyone knows that professional Wrestling is not a legitimate sport. There is little about it that’s real. The quirks and characteristics that will personify each wrestler are created in corporate meetings. Each character is furnished with a distinctive “selling point” and slogans to accentuate his character. Each character has a “signature hold” that he Read More…