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Top 10 Misunderstood Psychedelic Drugs: Understanding Post-Modern Shamanism

A subject that has received an intense amount of criticism in western culture—and continues to do so—is psychedelic drugs. Despite the fascinating scientific and anthropological results that have come from these substances, there continues to be an enormous lack of funding for scientific research of psychedelics. An onslaught of disinformation regarding these chemicals has hindered their Read More…

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Ending the Prohibition of Enlightenment – UK Petition Moves to Legalize Magic Mushrooms

50 years ago legalizing recreational cannabis anywhere in the United States was farfetched – it was the kind of thing only freaks and hippies spoke of with any real measure of seriousness. Today it is our reality… time passes, things change, drugs get legalized. Slowly but surely, the people are winning Ronald Reagan’s “war on drugs.” Read More…

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The Magic of Mushrooms – Psilocybin Effectively Reduces Depression/Anxiety in Cancer Patients

Fun fact: human beings have been enjoying psychedelic mushrooms for tens of thousands of years. Rock paintings in North Africa dating back to 9000 BC portray indigenous people using psychedelic mushrooms. They are depicted (along with peyote and other magic cacti) in many Aztec and Mayan sculptures, and were referred to by Aztecs as teonanácatl, Read More…

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New Frontiers in Psychedelic Research

The beginning of the 21st century seems to have interestingly spurred a resurgence in psychedelic chemical research, with a variety of different chemicals receiving more attention. Dr. Rick Strassman helped pioneer the documentation of the bio-phenomenology of DMT, and a variety of research institutions like the Heffter Institute, John Hopkins University, Beckley Foundation, and more, Read More…