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Iran Claims It Has “Hard Evidence” Of Foreign Meddling In Protests

Friday’s UN Security Council meeting didn’t disappoint in terms of the anticipated level of inflammatory rhetoric and accusations. Also not unexpected is that the US finds itself isolated after a week of the Trump White House going on the offensive: first by essentially calling for regime change in Iran after the onset of mass protests last week (the Read More…

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Absolute Proof That Our Elections Are Bought

Just how fake are United States elections? We know that the propaganda surrounding the four-year election cycle just gets worse every time. But the revelations of corruption coming from the DNC show next-level orchestration and rigging. The truth is that both sides are bought and paid for. It’s a *S*election, plain and simple. Like chess Read More…

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US Congressman: Assange “Has Absolute Proof” Russia Did Not Meddle In US Elections

“He’s the one guy that I think the American people and the people in the world need to hear, and he’s the one guy that now our intelligence agencies as well at the powers that be in Washington don’t want anybody to hear….” Last week The Duran reported that if there is one man on the Read More…

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“Evidence and Proof”

“Evidence” and “proof.” Two words that are inter-related, but very different. Two words that are often used interchangeably, but cannot be legitimately interchanged. Two words that are (often by design, but oftener by accident) improperly used to mislead.   As we watch the investigations into the hacking of the 2016 Election by Russia, and the Read More…

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NSA To Provide “Smoking Gun” Proof Obama Spied On Trump

Yesterday, Republican Devin Nunes held an explosive press conference outside the White House in which he told reporters that communications from the Trump team were picked up and disseminated within the government during the 2016 campaign.  Not surprisingly, the comments ruffled some liberal feathers and the mainstream media launched an immediate smear campaign calling for Read More…

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CDC Knowingly LIED About Mercury In Vaccines: Proof Has Surfaced

Finally it’s coming to light and the fact is being told: Vaccines given to infants contained inordinate amounts of ethylmercury in the form of Thimerosal; the CDC knew about it and conspired to keep the devastating reality of mercury damage from healthcare consumers and public health agencies. A true crime against humanity and nothing short Read More…