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Course Correction: A Glimpse of America’s Future

Regardless of one’s political leanings or stance on the current police war, or war on police, which ever one sees as the current reality, none can deny the brazenly marching forces of militarized police that have seemed to rise up without warning or legislation. This nation’s rapidly increasing state of turmoil, always seeming to follow shortly behind the unnecessarily armed Read More…

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Cops Across the U.S. Now Issuing Ominous Threats of Civil War

With increasing frequency, law enforcement personnel – including prominent sheriffs, police chiefs, and other command-level officers – are overtly stating that they are at war with the public they supposedly serve. Few have been as candid as a self-identified police officer and combat veteran named Brandon Obie. “Alot [sic] of these thugs don’t realize that alot Read More…