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United States Flubs Assassination In Caracas

Did the US try to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro? John Bolton, Trump’s veteran neocon national security adviser, told Fox News the US had nothing to do with the explosive drone attack during an appearance in Caracas that injured several people but left Maduro and his entourage untouched. “I can say unequivocally there was no Read More…

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After Venezuela’s Election, U.S. And Allies Turn Up Heat – A Coup Could Be Ahead

The Trump administration has described Sunday’s constituent assembly election in Venezuela as “another step toward dictatorship,” despite high voter turnout and little evidence that the assembly will dissolve the country’s legislature. Will Venezuela be the CIA’s next regime change target? CARACAS — According to the U.S., its allies, and an ever-obedient mainstream media, Venezuela’s election this Read More…

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Maduro Kicks CNN Out Of Venezuela, Accuses It Of Spreading Fake News

While tensions between President Trump and CNN dying down, a new scandal has erupted for the cable news network after Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Sunday he wanted CNN out of the country, accusing it of spreading fake news, misrepresenting the truth and meddling in issues that are not of its concern. “CNN, do Read More…