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Ex-CIA Boss Blames Millennials for Wave of Damning Government Leaks

The CIA’s chickens have come home to roost as distrust of the agency swells amid recent revelations from WikiLeaks regarding the agency’s extensive spying and hacking practices. Rather than examining the problems inherent to the CIA’s extensive power to hack into smart phones, for example, the government has focused its efforts on a quest to Read More…

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Poll Shows Millennials Waking Up to 2-Party Paradigm — Scoff at Clinton AND Trump

America’s Millennials are fed up with the duopoly establishment’s politics-as-usual narrative — in fact, just 28 percent of the 18-30 set would be willing to agree the “two major parties do a good job of representing the American people.” This year’s presidential dog and pony show masquerading as a legitimate election continues to raise the Read More…