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Don’t Throw Away Your Vote by Voting Trump OR Hillary

I see it all the time in my Facebook newsfeed when my politically active leftist friends make posts about why they won’t vote for Hillary Clinton. The most common reaction from liberals is: “DO YOU WANT DONALD TRUMP TO WIN?!?!” The same can be said about my friends on the right, many of whom will be Read More…

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The Disastrous 2016 Election Has Triggered a Third Party Revolution

While tumultuous, chaotic, contentious, outrageous, erratic, fraudulent, random, disheartening, and certainly unpredictable, could simultaneously describe this presidential election cycle, perhaps the most unanticipated development surrounds the categorical shunning of the soured, traditional duopoly — despite its previously adamantine grip on American politics. This year, constant evidence substantiates the people’s collective scream: Enough! In particular, once Read More…

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First Ever Televised Third-Party Presidential Election Debate Happening in March

For the first time in US history the Libertarian presidential candidates for 2016 are coming together to hold an election debate. John Stossel is hosting the event, and all three Libertarian candidates (Gary Johnson, John McAfee and Austin Peterson) have all agreed to participate in the event. This event will be held on Fox News Read More…