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Landmark Study Shows Antidepressants No More Effective than Placebo

Antidepressants commonly prescribed for children and adolescents are no more effective than a placebo for treating major depression — and in some cases, can be downright harmful, according to a landmark new study. Published in the Lancet, the research denotes the “first comprehensive comparison of commonly prescribed antidepressant drugs so far.” Medical researchers analyzed 34 pharmaceutical trials involving Read More…

Flat Earth
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Flat Earth Theory – An Exercise in Keeping an Open Mind

In this day and age of misdirection, manipulation and misinformation, a Truther must be careful not to easily fall victim to what’s referred to as a “Limited Hang out” or psyop, or an intentional psychological operation designed to lead the believer in a direction that discredits the other beliefs the Truther may hold, that may in Read More…