Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Shooting: A Cryptic Note, Impossibly Planted Rifle And Swipe Of A Key Card That Doesn’t Add Up

There are holes galore over the official narrative of the Las Vegas shooting; even police are starting to admit that a single gunman could not have been responsible for the plot. It’s way too sophisticated, far too many people died and were injured, while the motive hasn’t been determined thus far. Too much doesn’t add Read More…

Conspiracy Politics Psychological Operations Social Engineering Top News

New Discoveries In The Las Vegas Gunman’s Room Raise Serious Questions

Senior law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation into the Las Vegas shooting told NBC News on Friday that they are puzzled by two discoveries. Investigators are now trying to determine if other people were in Stephen Paddock’s hotel room while he was checked in there. The first puzzling discovery? A cell phone charger that doesn’t match any Read More…