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Jimmy Dore Interview – Voting In A Broken System, The Two-Party Illusion & Tulsi Gabbard

Joining me today is political commentator, and self-styled “jagoff nightclub comedian” yet, in truth, one of the most important voices of today in reaching the masses that are still lost to the comforting suffocation of the mainstream propaganda, and that of course is Jimmy Dore. ( Bitcoin Donations Are Appreciated: (3FSozj9gQ1UniHvEiRmkPnXzHSVMc68U9f)  

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Donald Best Interview – The Systematic Eradication Of Independent Media & Independent Thought

Joining me today is investigator and former police officer Donald Best, who I recently mentioned in my interview with Aaron Maté, as they are working on a special that will expose corruption at the highest levels of the judicial system. Today, we are going to be discussing freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and Read More…

Vanessa Beeley
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Vanessa Beeley Interview – Hala Systems, Human Trafficking & The Militarization Of “Humanitarianism”

Joining me today is Vanessa Beeley, one of the few remaining journalists who still regularly puts herself in harm’s way in order to get to the truth that is so often suppressed. She just recently returned from Syria and has some incredible insights into what is taking place in Idlib, and how the guise of Read More…

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Abby Martin Interview – Gaza Fights For Freedom

Joining me today is someone that I greatly respect, in fact one of the few that years ago inspired me to do what I do today. She recently released a fantastic documentary entitled “Gaza Fights For Freedom,” that exposes, in HD, all the lies being regularly told by the Israeli government, and that which are Read More…

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Eva Bartlett Interview – The US-Run al-Rukban Internment Camp In Syria & The Similarities To Gaza

Joining me today after a recent trip to the Middle East, and here to discuss Syria & Palestine, is Eva Bartlett. In this interview we go over the US-run al-Rukban internment camp in Syria and what these people have been forced to endure even as the MSM ignores their plight, as well as some of Read More…

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High Impact Flix Interview – Government Censorship & Political Mind Control

Joining me today is Brian from High Impact Flix, a channel that was removed with an unjustified act of censorship, and the loss of over 500,000 subscribers. His new channel is now called High Impact Vlogs, and is about to be censored yet again, with over 100,000 subscribers, as it currently lingers on the edge Read More…