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As Humanitarian Crisis Deepens, US Refuses To Say There Are Civilians In Gaza

Faced with the unimaginable choices of being shot by snipers, crushed by rubble from an air strike, or dying slowly as the Strip becomes more uninhabitable with each passing day, Gazans have made it clear that they will resist until the very end. GAZA – Though Gaza has long been the target of Israeli hostility – Read More…

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Critical Threat To Health, Safety And Security In Northeastern Syria

Most Syrian cities and towns currently lie in ruins due to the ongoing “civil war,” which started in 2011. Urban infrastructure is also destroyed. Thousands of civilians fled from their houses, but those who returned suffered heavily from the indiscriminate airstrikes of the U.S.-led international coalition. Nowadays Raqqa is one of the most ruined cities Read More…

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Why The US Is Responsible For The Humanitarian Catastrophe In Raqqa

Currently, the attention of mainstream media is focused on the situation in the battered enclave of Eastern Ghouta. More than 80,000 civilians have already fled the region via humanitarian corridors despite numerous threats from terrorists, and the humanitarian situation there is being improved day by day. However, the same cannot be said of Raqqa that Read More…

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Why Aren’t Negotiations Being Considered To Resolve The Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen?

As hopes of crushing Yemen’s aspirations for independence with brute force have failed, a strategic recalculation may very well be taking place behind closed doors in Riyadh and Washington. From the moment that the Saudi-led onslaught against Yemen began, the USA has been solidly behind Riyadh. Yemen now faces a humanitarian crisis, yet the forces Read More…

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War Crimes & Genocide: What You Aren’t Being Told About US Involvement In Yemen

If the public were to rely solely on the U.S. government and its respective mouthpieces for its source of news, one might assume Iran is to blame for the current crisis engulfing Yemen, the Arab world’s poorest country. From Reuters: “At least 10,000 people have been killed and more than 3 million displaced in the Read More…