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Atomic Scientists: North Korea’s Nuclear Missile Claims Are A Hoax

President Donald Trump continued his blustery North Korea rhetoric on Friday, tweeting that the U.S. military was “locked and loaded” and later telling reporters that Kim Jong-un had better not make any “overt threats” against the United States. “This man will not get away with what he is doing,” Trump told reporters from his golf club in New Jersey, adding that if Kim makes Read More…

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The Climate Hoax Tipping Point

Editor’s Note: It is important to understand that the excessively wasteful “throw-away” society that has been cultivated, simply from a desire for convenience with little to no consideration as to the long or short-term side effects, is no doubt having a negative effect on the planet; few could disagree. However, what has been created around Read More…

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Here We Go Again: Syria’s Assad Named As Suspect In Chemical Weapons Attack

Back in 2013, the catalyst used by the US to intervene in the Syrian conflict which started in the aftermath of the Arab Spring (which according to some was inspired by CIA intervention), was a YouTube clip allegedly showing a sarin gas attack by Assad troops on his own people in the town of Ghouta, Read More…

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CNN Caught Red Handed Hoaxing The Narrative Of President Donald Trump Protests

It has now been exposed, with the release of the full video below, that the supposed “Trump Protester” calling for the government to be sued and the Electoral College to simply elect Clinton instead, was in fact a CNN camera man. Many were immediately suspicious of such a boisterous and over-the-top video, and it seems that Read More…

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Is The Video Of The 12 Year Old Vaccine ‘Scientist’ Just A Clever Hoax?

If you have been online in the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen the video of 12-year-old Marco Arturo. It’s been viewed by at least 7 million people, with many sharing it as ‘proof’ that vaccines don’t cause autism. In the short video Marco opens an empty folder, claiming that there is no evidence to support their link Read More…