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Jury Nullifies Georgia Weed Law, Finds Man Not Guilty Despite Admittedly Growing Marijuana

A marijuana user was found not guilty of drug charges—not because he didn’t do what he was accused of, but because the jury disagreed with the law. Laurens County, GA – (TFTP) Javonnie Mondrea McCoy is a medical marijuana patient in a state where the plant is still illegal and was recently in court facing charges Read More…

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Parents Jailed, 15-Year-Old Kidnapped By Government, For Using Cannabis To Stop His Seizures

“I’m willing to face the jail time or the consequences for it if it will help my son,” said a mother who was arrested for letting her son use cannabis to treat his seizures. Macon, GA – (TFTP) A teenager who suffers from seizures was forcibly separated from his parents and put into state custody, while his parents Read More…

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As California Legalizes Weed, 60 Arrested At Party in Georgia For Less Than An Ounce

Cartersville, Georgia — As millions of Californians celebrate the legalization of cannabis — albeit with staggering tax rates — much of the country remains mired in the punitive ramifications of marijuana prohibition. At a party in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, on December 31, 60 young people were reportedly arrested over less than an ounce Read More…

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Media Ignores Russian Land Grab In Georgia, While Harping On Russian Conspiracy Theories

While much of the world focuses on the latest revelation that Donald Trump held a second “undisclosed” meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner arranged for all G20 heads of state — as well as the latest bombshell that Trump’s son met with a Kremlin-connected lawyer to attain damaging information on Hillary Clinton — Read More…

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Parents Become Interstate “Drug Traffickers” To Save Their Daughter’s Life with Cannabis

LaGrange, GA — Before Vince and Michelle Seivert’s teen daughter took cannabis oil for the first time; she was experiencing 12 to 20 seizures a day. After she began consuming the oil regularly, her seizures have dropped down to only four a month! While this is incredible news for the Seivert family, there is one Read More…