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The London Police Now Have A Firm Definition Of Thought-Crime … And They’re Going To Use It

“Whether he went on with the diary, or whether he did not go on with it, made no difference. The Thought Police would get him just the same. He had committed—would still have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper—the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Read More…

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Broadway Play “1984” Is Causing Audiences To Vomit And Faint

Geroge Orwell’s legendary book, “1984,” was not in any way meant to be a prediction of our future, yet that’s exactly what appears to have happened. And now that there’s a Broadway play which follows the events in the book closely, many are finding it difficult to stomach. Since it’s become clear to most of us that Read More…

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1984 Unfolding As Public Surveillance Technologies Deployed Without Consent

We are fast approaching an era when humanity will be subjugated by a technological tyranny managed by an untouchable organization of elites, bureaucrats and paid public minders hired to monitor our behaviors, emotions and thoughts. In an environment like this, law and justice will be meaningless, as the tools of a technocracy can used to enforce Read More…

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5 Ways George Orwell’s 1984 Has Come True Since It Was Published 67 Years Ago

It’s debatable whether George Orwell surmised the ominous threat of totalitarianism that inspired him to pen the dystopic vision, 1984, would extend worldwide and resurface nearly seven decades after its publication. But the novel’s apt description of a world on end have undoubtedly come to pass. Innumerable examples evidence how 1984 would better be described Read More…