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To Get Assange, US Likely To Play the “Russia” Angle Via Mueller Probe

By treating Assange as a Russian collaborator — not as a journalist or publisher — and using the carefully cultivated RussiaGate hysteria against him, it will spare other journalists the obligation of belatedly coming to Assange’s aid and they will instead continue to align themselves with the very institutions that seek to destroy a colleague Read More…

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Freedom of Press? 6 Journalists Face 10 Years in Prison for Reporting on DC Unrest

Washington, D.C. — Protests and riots over the weekend in response to the inauguration of Donald Trump led to the arrest of more than 200 people — including at least six journalists — who now face the possibility of ten years in prison and fines of up to $25,000. Random people present at 12th and L Streets were kettled by Read More…

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The “Fake News” Psyop: Our Freedom Depends On The Freedom Of The Press

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” ~Thomas Jefferson In this fantastic mini-documentary by Truthstream Media, Melissa Dykes dissects the “fake news” propaganda being force-fed to any America still believing in the last grasping tendrils of what was once mainstream media. In her typical concise yet satirically Read More…

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Ecuador Admits They Silenced Assange Because Clinton Leaks Were ‘Interfering’ With US Election

Julian Assange abruptly had his tether to the outside world purposely cut off Monday, when — as WikiLeaks announced on Twitter — his “internet connection was intentionally severed by a state party.” Several hours later, WikiLeaks added: “We can confirm Ecuador cut off Assange’s internet access Saturday, 5pm GMT, shortly after publication of Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches.” WikiLeaks Read More…

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Thanks to ‘War on Whistleblowers,’ US Ranks 41st on Press Freedom Index

Reporters Without Borders’ annual rankings find US’s relative improvement “hides overall negative trends” The U.S. ranks 41st out of 180 countries in Reporters Without Borders/Reporters Sans Frontières’ (RSF) 2016 press freedom index, largely due to the government’s “war on whistleblowers,” mass surveillance, and the lack of a shield law for journalists that guarantees their right Read More…