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The Military-Industrial-Humanitarian Complex: Spreading Western Hegemony Under The Guise Of Virtue

Shakespeare once wrote that the devil can cite Scripture for his purpose. Nowadays, we see the terms ‘humanitarian’ and ‘democracy’ abused to justify death and destruction. Traditionally honorable words such as “humanitarian” and “democracy” have come to acquire a darker and more cynical meaning following their misappropriation to justify the invasion of sovereign nations and Read More…

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New “Humanitarian” Tech Program In Syria “Invented” By Former State Dep’t, Arab Spring Participants

It’s been a few months since mainstream media has presented its audience with a State Department super hero acting as a “humanitarian” in Syria. But, never to disappoint, Andrew Gold of Wired as well as a host of other writers (at the same time) have been extolling the virtues of three new tech heroes who have designed Read More…

Vanessa Beeley
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Vanessa Beeley Interview – White Helmets, The Next Syrian False Flag, Yemen & Humanitarian Deception

Joining me once again is someone who I greatly respect, not just for her excellent journalism and dedication to the truth, but for her willingness to put herself out there challenging the status quo in a time of such vicious and vitriolic opposition to anything that goes against the lies of the State, which makes Read More…

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How Humanitarian Organizations Supply Intel from Syria To US Intelligence Agencies

There is overwhelming evidence to support the fact that the U.S. has intervened in the affairs of the Syrian government under the guise of humanitarianism by way of non-profit organizations and NGOs, and the mainstream media has repeatedly helped maintain this facade. Today I would like to publish exclusive materials, evidencing the White House sent its Read More…

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Russia’s Foreign Minister Revives Calls For US To End Support For ISIS In Syria

ISIS militants are seemingly given free rein to operate across a vast 100-kilometer zone at the border with Jordan, where they seemingly pop up “like a jack-in-the-box” for ambushes of Syrian government troops before fading back into U.S.-controlled territory. MOSCOW – As the Syrian government struggles to stabilize the still-volatile situation within its borders, the United Read More…

West Papua
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‘Slow Motion Genocide’: Indonesia Is Bombing West Papua — And Nobody’s Talking About It

In May 2016, a fact-finding mission conducted by the Brisbane Archdiocese’s Catholic Justice and Peace Commission reported that West Papua was experiencing a “slow-motion genocide.” The report also warned that West Papua’s indigenous population is at risk of becoming “an anthropological museum exhibit of a bygone culture.” The culprit behind these atrocities is none other than the Read More…