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Given $120M To Fight Russian Meddling, US State Dept Spends $0

None of the 23 analysts at the anti-propaganda office who have been tasked with countering Russian “disinformation” even speaks Russian, while a partial hiring freeze ordered by Tillerson has prevented the department from hiring IT professionals capable of tracking Russian experts. The U.S. press is currently in an uproar over the shoddy state of affairs at Read More…

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DHS Just Admitted Mainstream Media Has ‘Misrepresented Facts’ On Russian Interference

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) just said NBC News “misrepresented facts and confused the public” in regard to Russian interference in the US election system. (TFTP) Since late 2016, in instance after instance, the narrative on Russia hacking the election has been slowly exposed as a massive farce. Last year, that slow crawl toward Read More…

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Russia Just Officially Accused The US of Meddling In Its Upcoming Election

*Update: Directly following Trump’s statements about the list, the Treasure Department quietly released the list. Putin called it “an unfriendly act,” and the chief economist at BCS Financial Group, Vladimir Tikhomirov, said,“They just included everybody, all the big businessmen, all the major bureaucrats.” The Kremlin said Monday that a soon-to-be-released report by the U.S. Treasury Department — Read More…

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Trump And Saudi Arabia Agree To Take “Good And Evil” Fight To Iran

Following a landmark arms deal, President Trump told the Saudis they must confront Iran. He accused the Iranians of fomenting “destruction and chaos” in the Middle East and providing “safe harbor, financial backing and the social standing needed for recruitment.” US President Donald Trump deplores Iran as a “destabilising force” — BBC News Read More…

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NSA To Use “Russian Hacker” Fears to Expand Surveillance Of US

(MPN) Last Tuesday, during his testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, National Security Agency director Admiral Mike Rogers echoed the previous testimonies given by former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and other U.S. law enforcement and intelligence officials, who have sought to use the “Russian hacking” narrative as leverage to justify a greater role for Read More…

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France Warns Media Not To Publish Hacked Macron Emails, Threatens With Criminal Charges

After 9 gigabytes of Macron-linked documents and emails were released on an anonymous pastebin website on Friday afternoon in what Macron’s campaign said was a “massive and coordinated” hacking attack, France – fearing a similar response to what happened with Hillary Clinton after 35,000 John Podesta emails were released one month before the US presidential election Read More…