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“A Strange Coincidence”: US Spy Plane Circled Near Russian Base During Massive Drone Attack

On Tuesday, we reported that the Russian military in Syria thwarted a massive drone attack at the Khmeimim air base and Russian Naval point in the city of Tartus on January 6, intercepting 13 heavily armed UAVs launched by terrorists. #SYRIA: Security system of the Russian #Khmeimim air base and #Russian Naval CSS point in the Read More…

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The Daily Wrap Up 1/9 – Russian Drone Attack, The Goldman Of Crypto, North Korean Peace Talks, Podesta, Pakistan And The Police State

As the police state continues to grow and dissolve more and more of every American’s constitutional rights, it becomes increasingly more important that we all begin to hold fast to what we believe this country represents, even the face of extreme opposition. As the power and world dominance of the US Government (currently usurped by Read More…

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US Airstrike Killed Civilians In Response To The Rockets That Targeted Mattis

US officials claim the missile malfunctioned. Following a series of militant rocket attacks against the Kabul airport, an apparent attempt to target Defense Secretary James Mattis, the US responded with an airstrike to support a military operation against those responsible. As is so often the case with US airstrikes, it didn’t go to plan, and Read More…