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Your Esoteric Initiation – Part 3: Your Archetypes Own You

“Everything in life is just a matter of transmission,” a couch-surfing Eskimo once said to me, while smoking a cigarette he had just rolled. “Like starting your car.” The simplicity of the statement made it all the more poignant, especially for the situation at hand. What does it mean to say that life is a Read More…

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New Paradigms in Addiction Therapy: Chemical Substances are Not the Main Factor

“The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose” – Circa Survive A true enveloping substance addiction is gritty, and tends to be enabled by a varying degree of self-loathing. Self-loathing is such a tumultuous, seemingly endless circumstance that any decent person would not wish on their worst enemy–yet it is something that many decent people deal Read More…

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Are You Socially Handicapped?

Why is it that some individuals can read people like a book, and others just seem to be strung through life from one social mishap to the next? Often times, people who are continuously hurt the most seem to be the most kindhearted, and this tends to leave people feeling quite cynical. If there is one Read More…

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COEX Systems: Autonomous Mechanisms of the Ego

With the turn of the new year, The Last American Vagabond has taken some time to elaborate on a few of the concepts that together encompass the inner mechanisms of the human mind, including rehabilitative neuroplasticity; the idea of a postmodern perennialism. This concept investigates recurring themes in all schools of thought throughout religion, science, and philosophy, and an Read More…