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Comey Memos Probed By DOJ For Classified Info Leaks

The Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general is now conducting an investigation into classification issues concerning the “Comey memos” leaked to the New York Times by former FBI Director James Comey. Sources tell the Wall St. Journal that at least two of the memos which Comey leaked to his “good friend,” Columbia Law Professor Daniel Richman, contained information that Read More…

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At Least One Of The Four Comey Memos Passed To The New York Times Contained Classified Info

Back in May, the New York Times scored one of their biggest ‘hits’ to date on Trump when they secured 4 memos drafted by James Comey allegedly summarizing direct conversations with the President (we covered it here: Comey’s Revenge: Leaks Memo To NYT Saying Trump Asked Him To End Flynn Investigation).  Among other things, the memos Read More…

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Trump Accuses Sally Yates Of Leaking “Classified Information Into The Newspapers”

Later today at 2:30 PM EST, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer more questions about Russian Interference in the 2016 United States Election. As it turns out, President Trump has a couple of suggested additions to the question Read More…

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“How Is This Not Classified?”- Obama Used A Pseudonym In Emails With Hillary, FBI Data Dump Reveals

Following Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump and president Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, aka the “Sept 11” bill allowing victims to sue Saudi Arabia in US court, the trifecta of Friday afternoon data dumps was completed by the FBI, when the agency released 189 pages of notes from its investigation of Hillary Read More…