Quantum Teleportation
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Scientists Conduct Quantum Teleportation with Fiber-Optic Networks

A joint venture between teams of scientists in Calgary and China, producing two separate but conjoined studies not only demonstrating quantum teleportation as possible—but have repeatedly teleported this quanta using their ascertained scientific methodology. The studies, which can be seen here, (http://www.nature.com/nphoton/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nphoton.2016.180.html, http://www.nature.com/nphoton/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nphoton.2016.179.html) represent the bare bones of physical transportation technology, and authenticate many aspects of esoteric Read More…

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Future Mode Of Transportation?

This past weekend at the China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, China revealed an exciting new form of public transportation called the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB). With a loading capacity of some 1,200 passengers, the bus is designed to hover above cars to maximize road space. With China having notoriously bad traffic jams in such congested cities, Read More…

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Parents Outraged as $90 Million in Potentially Fatal Vaccines Flood China

(UR) China — China’s largest health scandal to date involving the sale of $90 million in unrefrigerated and likely fatal vaccines has caused an uproar among parents and doctors. Public backlash has reached a fevered pitch because authorities have done nothing to stop the illegal sale of ‘spoiled’ vaccines for polio, mumps, rabies, hepatitis B, Read More…

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Is This The End Of The U.S. Dollar?

In this video Luke Rudkowski reports on the breaking news of both China and Saudi Arabia making geopolitical moves that could cause a U.S economic collapse and obliteration of the U.S hegemony petrodollar. Luke goes over China’s new gold backed yuan that cannot be traded with the U.S dollar and rising tension with Saudi Arabia threatening Read More…

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China Says E-Cigarette Vapor is 1 Million TImes Worse for You than Hong Kong Smog, Literally

A recent Chinese study, released in conjunction with other related studies, essentially claim that e-cigarettes are worse for a person than natural, non-additive tobacco. The reason the word “claim” is used here, is simply because the actual studies done by Baptist University have not been released yet, and as of now, this stands as a media report Read More…

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Taiwan elects 1st female president and rejects pro-China party: Is Independence Next?

Rejecting the China-friendly party that has led the self-governing island for eight years, Taiwan elected Tsai Ing-wen as its first female president Saturday, handing her pro-independence party its first majority in the national legislature. With the vote count still underway, Tsai led with 60 percent of the vote, indicating a landslide victory; the ruling Nationalist party Read More…