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Trump Removes Scaramucci As White House Communications Director

That didn’t take long: just ten days after Anthony Scaramucci was appointed as the new White House communications director, the NYT reports that Trump has removed Scaramucci from the role of Communications Director, as requested by the new chief of staff, John Kelly. According to the NYT, Scaramucci’s abrupt removal came just 10 days after the Read More…

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Chaos Out of Order

Well, we’ve all survived inauguration weekend…so far. That’s a start, right? It’s certainly a sign of something when we take some measure of comfort in the fact that the world hasn’t quite ended yet, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Everyone can feel it deep down. Whether it’s the fake news squawking Read More…

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2016: The Descent Into Chaos

“Now this is not the end,” goes the famous quote from false flag conspirator and Rothschild family friend Winston Churchill. “It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Churchill’s quotation, of course, comes from a speech entitled “The Bright Gleam of Victory” and signaled the Read More…

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How Propaganda From the Clinton Campaign Has Been Intentionally Channeled Into Post Election Chaos

It is quite interesting that this end-all-be-all mentality about the state of the world, that which is currently driving this seriously misguided post-election movement, was pushed into the minds of Americans in the hope that it would secure a Clinton win, and now they have created a beast that can no longer be controlled, only channeled; Read More…

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A Positive Perspective on the Engineered US Election Chaos

It’s always important to keep a strong perspective on reality and the objective truth about what is happening even though we ourselves (readers, truth seekers) are humans with principles, passion, interests, needs and emotions. These are factors which sometimes can make objectivity difficult to see. Yes, we all have human attributes meant for our own Read More…