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The Real Story Behind Marijuana Opposition

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” – Albert Einstein One would be hard pressed to find a person not jaded by the American political system. Lies and deception accepted as “part of the process” as if to imply that it is outside the politician’s control, and Read More…

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What’s Really Going On Under The Hood Of The Marijuana Movement: “Big Marijuana,” GMOs and Hemp

By now, most people are at least partially familiar with the Marijuana Movement and how it has grown from something of a taboo and its illegality, to something that is both accepted and becoming legal. Just ten years ago, most people would have thought this was crazy, but now it has become somewhat of the Read More…

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You’ve Heard of Big Pharma, Well Meet Big Marijuana

With the continuing absence of action by the Federal Government in regards to this nation wide marijuana rebellion, some begin to feel uneasy about their possible intentions. It has become apparent to pro-marijuana activists and prohibitionists alike, that this movement has far too much momentum to be stopped. Realizing that they have lost the battle Read More…