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Political Change is a Long and Difficult Road, But Will You Stay the Course?

As we begin this new era of the American Experiment, let us not forget the tremendous failure that was the Obama presidency; as he failed to bring about the lofty ideals of “hope and change” so elegantly preached from on-high, by which many were inspired. Instead, he won the Nobel Peace Prize while persecuting more whistleblowers Read More…

Converging Worlds
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Surging Twixt Converging Worlds

“Between two worlds life hovers like a star, twixt night and morn, upon the horizon’s verge.” – Lord Byron There is a lot of evaluating and assessment going on right now. Where are we heading? The trajectory of at least the outside world is certainly not a good one. What about our personal lives? How will these seemingly Read More…

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Stay the Course: The Fight For Marijuana Awareness

With the newly released statement from the Department of Justice, some feel the battle for marijuana legalization has been won, however the war for this country’s future is just beginning. The DOJ is claiming that it will allow states with strict cannabis laws in place to continue with their present course of marijuana sale and production, Read More…