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Facebook Teams Up With DARPA Exec To Scan Your Brain And Augment Your Reality

In light of the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook is quickly becoming one of the world’s least trusted companies. A survey from the Ponemon Institute, a research group focused on data privacy and information security, shows that trust in Facebook has fallen 66 percent to where now only 28 percent of users believe the company is “committed Read More…

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Augmented Reality Gaming – The Trojan Horse of Our Digital Age

Amidst one of the most widespread and intense outbreaks of violence in the US, as civilians are being murdered by aggressive police, and police are gunned down by angry civilians, as protests fill the streets, and our criminal presidential candidates clamor to make promises about gun control and police training and peaceful protest, something happened Read More…

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Will “Pokemon Go” Be Used To Catch Us All?

Millions of smartphone users around the world have downloaded the new Pokemon Go app, but is there more to the story than just fanciful game play? On July 6, 2016 a brand new cellphone app based on the popular Pokemon franchise was released to millions of adoring fans. The app, known as Pokemon Go, has quickly Read More…