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Germany Halts Arms Exports To Saudi Arabia In Response To Assassination Of Journalist In Saudi Consulate In Istanbul

On October 21st, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Germany would stop arms exports to Saudi Arabia “for the time being.” The reasons for the decision are the vague circumstances around the disappearance and killing for Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. According to Merkel, Riyadh had not put the full facts surrounding the death “on the Read More…

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New WikiLeaks Release Exposes Corruption In UAE Arms Deal Fueling War On Yemen

Though the corruption detailed in the newly leaked document took place decades ago, it highlights how lucrative arms deals are often enough incentive for governments to bend the rules in order to keep weapons and cash flowing, no matter the consequences. PARIS — The transparency organization WikiLeaks just released a new document that sheds light on the Read More…

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Terrorists Are Equipped With Western Weapons In Syria

Inside Syria Media Center continues publishing evidence of the U.S.-made weapons supply to ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) terrorists in Syria. According to Syrian General Ali Al-Ali, the United States illegally delivered at least 1,500 trucks with military equipment and weapons for terrorists in Syria between June 5 and September 15 this Read More…

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Even as Global Trade Dropped, US Arms Sales Boomed in 2015

Even as other nations tighten budgets for weapons amid domestic financial concerns, US manages to sell $40 billion in one year. The U.S. sold more weapons than any other country in 2015 despite a drop in the global arms trade, according to a new congressional report. At $40 billion, the U.S. signed more than half Read More…

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Made In America: How The US Dominates The World Arms Trade

Who says nothing is made in the USA anymore? Certainly not the well-heeled denizens of the State Department’s diplomatic corps. And they should know. That’s because they’re stationed on the front lines of the ongoing battle to preserve Uncle Sam’s dominant market share of the global weapons trade. Luckily for the Military-Industrial Complex, it turns Read More…