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The Secret History of UFOs

How do you keep something secret? You hide it in plain sight.  The topic of UFOs is still classified as ‘above top secret,’ even today. Many believe that the proof of alien life has been hidden from the public since its discovery. And there have been many discoveries, leaks, and outright admissions that lend credence to that allegation.  Some feel that for 60 years we Read More…

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The Precipice of Galactic Change – Mysterious Space Signal Puts Scientists on Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life

While the American political system devolves before the watchful eyes of the world, while the Middle East continues their out-of-control spiral into violence and Kim Jong Un has his own men blown away with anti-aircraft guns, a group of scientists specializing in the search for intelligent, extraterrestrial life uncovered a puzzling, and altogether unexpected message Read More…

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Rethinking the Extraterrestrial 

Strange, “paranormal” occurrences have been a recurring motif for as long as man has philosophized. From the countless religious accounts of higher and lower dimensional beings, extra-sensory perceptions, and the like–to modern studies in parapsychology, and the research community considered as “ufology,” humankind has always abundantly speculated about the abilities and experiences beyond the basic Read More…