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SEC Regulations: Uncle Sam Cracks Down Hard

For the people of the U.S., mostly 55 and above, who have been living under the rule of the Federal Government all their lives, with the notion that politicians can do no wrong, it is hard to understand why some of us want currency, and indeed even money itself, to be outside the reach of governments, but the reasons are easy to understand.

The national debt in the U.S., for example, has gotten so ridiculously out of proportion that most Americans and indeed, most people holding Dollars, like it’s an ounce of gold, are unaware that the note they are saving is manipulated, subject to severe cases of mismanagement, and has no tangible backing.

It is purely a fiat currency.

All nations now use them, but their days are numbered, truly.

To start off with, I wouldn’t accept 90% of the currencies the world has to offer.

I own USD, EUR, CHF, AUD, CAD, and GBP, but save for these, I trust no one. 


I don’t even trust these ones, but since my businesses range from tech to real estate, the necessity of commercial banking applies to me.

In the future, 20-30 years from now, the population will have grown so large that our modern governments will not be able to control them. Instead, we’ll break up into smaller communities, each having its own currency, based on the values important to its members, and technology will allow for an instant conversion between the countless currencies, which will spring up.

Currencies, you see, will be innumerable.

But, even 20-40 years from now, populations will need a governance system. Regulations, as much as they feel like someone else imposing his will upon you, are mandatory.

We’ve attempted to live without them, fully freed, and the experiment ended badly, due to the 4% of the population, which is purely evil and unproductive, yet talented and skilled.

People, who have great abilities, but sinister minds, can only be stopped when the fear of imprisonment or worst, is constantly dangled in front of their faces.

Countries, which fail to uphold this level of discipline, face elevated levels of crime and plenty of violence.


It is one of the burdens of sharing this planet with others – not everyone has other’s interests at heart.

Having said that, I suggest you divide your assets into two. For the most part, stick with the coins everyone else uses in the community, but have a Decentralized Stash tucked away with privacy coins.

No one knows where our world is headed, and every person needs a Plan B.

For centuries, people kept their gold and silver in mattresses, secret compartments, and holes in the ground.

Diamonds, shells, tea, and many other commodities have been used as well.

But, we’re entering a digital era, where our lives are managed on a cyber level, so let’s make sure that no government can ever seize or freeze at least part of our wealth.

This isn’t an anarchistic point of view, but a legitimate one.

Regulations will blow over. Don’t get excited by them. There isn’t one modern-day industry, which exists without them. Once minimal regulations are accepted, we’ll have a clear runway to keep decentralizing, using the most advanced technologies and the most creative innovative minds.


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