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The Geopolitics Of Human Gene Editing

A cursory warning was left by renowned physics professor Stephen Hawking regarding a future where a race of superhumans, manipulating their DNA, would take control of their own evolution. The warning came just before his death in March of this year. The Washington Post in its article, “Stephen Hawking feared race of ‘superhumans’ able to manipulate Read More…

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US Political Meddling Is Very Real, Spans The Globe

The United States has spent over a year now leveling accusations against the Russian Federation regarding alleged political meddling during the 2016 US elections. While accusations range from everything including “fake news” spread across the Internet to direct ties to the administration of US President Donald Trump used to assist him into power, no evidence Read More…

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Syria: Trump’s Bush-Obama WMD Remix

The United States finds its increasingly clumsy, circular foreign policy looping back once again to accusations of “weapons of mass destruction” being inexplicably used against a civilian population, this time in Syria’s northern city of Idlib currently serving as the de facto capital of terrorist organizations including various Al Qaeda affiliates, most notably the US Read More…

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Has The US And Its Allies Used Covert Airdrops, Drones To Supply The Islamic State?

When asking these questions, they must first be understood in the context that: (A.) According to WikiLeaks, within the e-mails of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton it was acknowledged that the governments of two of America’s closest allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were providing material support to the Islamic State Read More…