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The Myocarditis Weapon & The DARPA/NIH COVID Experiment

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (1/22/23).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.


Video Source Links (In Chronological Order)

(22) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “” / Twitter
(20+) Watch | Facebook
(41) Rowan Van Dijk on Twitter: “Russia: Ukraine,USA & EU companies conducted clinical trials on citizens of Ukraine in order to avoid risks & legal costs in case of unsuccessful trials of new pharmacological drugs.Western customers regularly visited Pharmbiotest & were admitted to all stages of…….04-08-2022” / Twitter
Pharmbiotest Overview | SignalHire Company Profile
Fort Sill to train 100 Ukrainian soldiers on Patriot missile defense system
US state senator points to ‘threat’ from Ukrainian troops — RT World News
(28) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Just ask the US government, they teach a master class on exactly this. But I guess the most obvious and egregious example of exactly what he is talking about doesn’t count for Toe-The-Line-Stoltenberg. #Syria #Iraq #Afghanistan #Libya #Bolivia #Iran #Palestine #Venezuela #etc.” / Twitter
(41) NPR on Twitter: “As a string of attacks on electrical substations unfolded in Oregon and Washington in 2022, the FBI was warning utilities of white supremacists’ plots to take down the nation’s power grid. Investigation from @OPB’s @conradjwilson & @KUOW’s @heyjohnryan:” / Twitter
(53) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Here we go. #VanillaISIS #MAGATrap #OperationAerodynamic” / Twitter
Russia Accused Of “Supporting & Financing” Ukraine’s Nazi Problem That Moments Ago Did Not Exist
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(34) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Just want to remind everyone that peer reviewed science has now found that “at a global level, PRE-VACCINATION IFR may have been as low as 0.03% and 0.07% for 0–59 and 0–69 year old people, respectively.” This was never worse than the flu. We were lied to.” / Twitter
(34) Dr Aseem Malhotra on Twitter: “BREAKING: Leading #NHS campaigner & GP @drbobgill calls for investigation into whether the mRNA jab is contributing to excess deaths. ‘I’m hearing concerns from reputable voices about damage done by the vaccine’ 1/800 rate of serious adverse events? This is significant 🔥” / Twitter
(49) Dr Aseem Malhotra on Twitter: “Because of data on serious harms ER Doc & lead researcher on mRNA jab trial re-analysis says “I no longer feel comfortable recommending the vaccines to anyone. I would not recommend this vaccine to my children, or to anyone in my family anymore..’” / Twitter
(61) Geography Pro on Twitter: “@TLAVagabond @catturd2 Agreed” / Twitter
(29) Geography Pro on Twitter: “@ScottAdamsSays @slikrik2003 @TLAVagabond” / Twitter
(63) Scott Adams on Twitter: “There’s a lesson to be learned here. Never listen to brilliant people.” / Twitter
(23) Scott Adams on Twitter: “Can someone teach me how to sort the good eminent scientists from the bad ones? I keep getting it wrong. Please answer in the comments.” / Twitter
(33) Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH™ on Twitter: “Here is the ultimate “safety signal” he intentionally concealed from the world–1223 deaths after BNT162b2 in the first 90 days of administration. #courageousdiscourse @AlbertBourla @pfizer @DrLoupis @MaryanneDemasi @C_Memo2020 @VigilantFox @DrAseemMalhotra @RMConservative” / Twitter
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(34) World Health Organization (WHO) on Twitter: ““Vaccination is about protecting yourself, but it’s also an inherently altruistic act — you’re vaccinating yourself in order to be part of an immune group that will then protect those who can’t be vaccinated”[email protected] #VaccinesWork” / Twitter
Notepad | Write your notes online
(33) CDC on Twitter: “It’s not too late to get vaccinated. You can get the #mpox vaccine at the same time as your #flu and #COVID vaccines. Dr. Demetre Daskalakis encourages you to talk to your vaccinator about what is right for you.” / Twitter
(33) Afterhours_Live on Twitter: “How can the COVID jab (bivalent & original) be given by @Walgreens & @cvspharmacy alongside the flu shot if the most current official documents from the jab makers show they have no idea if that is safe, since it was never studied?,” / Twitter
Pfizer HCP FS Bivalent Booster Grey 12082022
SARS-CoV-2 spike mRNA vaccine sequences circulate in blood up to 28 days after COVID-19 vaccination – PubMed
(62) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “Yet another peer reviewed study finds that you are wrong. How is it that we can know this and yet you are still standing by this statement? You are putting people in danger. You are accountable for this action, or lack thereof.” / Twitter
Blood Transfusion Doesn’t Transfer COVID-19 Vaccine –
Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines | CDC
Notepad | Write your notes online
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(34) Dr Clare Craig (not one of her impersonators) on Twitter: “It is utterly unethical. In the meantime here is what the world as a whole is doing:” / Twitter
(30) Dr Clare Craig (not one of her impersonators) on Twitter: “Scotland: The highest weekly death rate in 23 years & 4th highest in records going back to 1974. Share this video widely – everyone needs to see it.” / Twitter
(34) Igor Chudov 🐭 on Twitter: “Wow! Europe reported 35% excess deaths in the last week for which full data was available. Nobody cares about it except you and me. The press is silent. Retweet this to make MORE people aware. 🧵” / Twitter
(30) Alan Hashem on Twitter: “@celinegounder Australia’s excess deaths 📉2020 – Deaths from corona 906 (Zero excess deaths) 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦2021 – vax campaign July- Dec 95% uptake 💉2021 – Deaths from corona 2200 📈2022 – 🚨Excess deaths 25,000+ 🆘140,000 jab injuries The vax deaths are causing the “labour shortage” not corona!” / Twitter
Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years – BBC News
(34) aussie17 on Twitter: “The news keeps coming… australia’s MSM reports 17% excess deaths from ischemic heart disease. they blame it on long term effects Covid but don’t forget the real world data between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed shows otherwise.” / Twitter
Fatal heart attacks have surged in Australia and the COVID-19 pandemic is major factor
(34) The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “”and potentially, believe it or not, climate change.”” / Twitter
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Long covid outcomes at one year after mild SARS-CoV-2 infection: nationwide cohort study | The BMJ
(27) Alex Berenson on Twitter: “All you need to know about long Covid – a big study compared outcomes 1 month to 1 year later in folks who had Covid with a matched group who didn’t. The broadest measure of serious outcomes, hospitalizations, was EXACTLY the same in the groups. Because long Covid IS NOT REAL…” / Twitter
Association of Self-reported COVID-19 Infection and SARS-CoV-2 Serology Test Results With Persistent Physical Symptoms Among French Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Infectious Diseases | JAMA Internal Medicine | JAMA Network
(23) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “And ask yourself, why does this “stoke season” follow “flu season”? Likely not “long-flu” causing it.. #QuestionEverything” / Twitter
(43) Jessie S on Twitter: “@IzzyRascal21 @TLAVagabond @jewlry4justice People can get long haul symptoms from the seasonal flu not just SARS2. With either infection, it’s important to treat early to avoid an excessive antibody response.” / Twitter
People also suffer ‘long flu’, study shows – BBC News
Move over long COVID, meet ‘long flu’ – Easy Health Options®
It’s Not Just COVID. There’s Also Long Flu and Pneumonia
(33) The Vigilant Fox 🦊 on Twitter: “Narrative Collapsing, Unexplained Deaths: A Shift in the Story Is Coming Soon – @DowdEdward “One of my sources in the government told me that … the White House is potentially preparing to declare an epidemic of sudden death and that they might blame long COVID …”” / Twitter
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(30) Andrew Bostom, MD, MS on Twitter: “The only controlled (SARSCOV2+ v. SARSCOV2-, pre-Covid-19 vax era), population-based data we have: “We did NOT observe an increased incidence of EITHER [typo in original] pericarditis nor myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection.”” / Twitter
JCM | Free Full-Text | The Incidence of Myocarditis and Pericarditis in Post COVID-19 Unvaccinated Patients—A Large Population-Based Study
(63) Chris “Early Treatment” Martenson, PhD on Twitter: “@IanCopeland5 Apples to oranges. There’s no such singular thing as “Covid” there’s only Covid by variant. Alpha is not the same as beta or gamma or delta. But especially omicrons BA1 vs BA2 vs …etc and so forth. Entirely diff clinical presentations and outcomes. So a meta is useless.” / Twitter
Frontiers | Myocarditis in SARS-CoV-2 infection vs. COVID-19 vaccination: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Changes of ECG parameters after BNT162b2 vaccine in the senior high school students – PubMed
New study links COVID vaccines to 25% increase in cardiac arrest for both males & females | Israel National News – Arutz Sheva
Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave | Scientific Reports
Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults – ScienceDirect
Peer Reviewed Study Finds Repeat Boosters Destroy Immune System & Increase Risk Of Illness/Infection
(63) Aaron Siri on Twitter: “FDA just released another 58,725 pages of Pfizer C19-V trial docs, including an FDA memo releasing a license number to Pfizer for its C19-V on June 17, 2021 even though not licensed until August 23, 2021. Get latest docs at or at” / Twitter
THIS – FDA-CBER-2021-5683-0652961-0652980-125742_S80_M1_lab-1448-1-0-pkg-insert-clean
(39) 𝙂𝙐𝙈𝘽𝙔 on Twitter: “Ralph Baric’s lab spent a considerable amount of time and money in the 80s/90s researching how to induce heart disease with coronaviruses.” / Twitter
Baric CV 2001
US Funded Research On “Coronavirus Induced Myocarditis”, FDA Authorized New Jab & The Green Police
Coronavirus Gives a Dangerous Boost to DARPA’s Darkest Agenda – The Last American Vagabond
Controlled Demolition Of The COVID Illusion Ushers In “Biomanufacturing” & The American “Bioeconomy”
Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert – PubMed
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(63) Chief Nerd on Twitter: “NOW — Fmr. PM Tony Blair Calls for “National Digital Infrastructure” Which Will be Needed for mRNA Vaccines “We should be helping countries to develop a national digital infrastructure which they will need with these new vaccines”” / Twitter
(63) Robin Monotti on Twitter: “The real purpose of mass mRNA injections was not to “save lives”, but to normalize a new Pharma market of mRNA gene modifications because the patents of “normal” medicines are expiring & Pharma profits nosediving.″ / Twitter
(63) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “@tierramuerto @realstewpeters Exactly & Trump admin used Chinese genetic code as the basis for all the Op Warp Speed jabs, at a time when they’ve admitted it had not been isolated (I feel it never was). The mRNA platform was always the plan. It started with this. Point was, the above was not a new revelation.” / Twitter
(24) Tweet / Twitter
Hackable Humans at WEF: ‘We Can Decode Faces in Your Mind, Your PIN’
US obtains exclusion of NGOs from drafting AI treaty –
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(52) LastAmericanVagabond on Twitter: “The Unvaccinated Are Already Vindicated #PandemicOfTheInjected” / Twitter

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13 Replies to “The Myocarditis Weapon & The DARPA/NIH COVID Experiment

    1. “Among other things, they are used in current vaccines against COVID-19 to effectively deliver active ingredients to where they are actually needed. In most cases, the capsules dock onto cells, are enveloped by them, and are absorbed into them. Inside the cell, chemical processes can then open the capsules, releasing the active ingredient.”
      Doesn’t that sound like a virus, a man made virus?

  1. It appears the real issue at hand is the use of “novel” nanoparticles carrying “active ingredients” that make it possible to connect a human nervous system and neurons in the brain to the intelligent intelligence gathering “healthcare system”. Side effects due to the toxicity of the nanoparticles is scientific fact.

  2. Great episode and great work! FYI the links for these files are local (i.e. to your harddrive) and not an online resource that we can access. If you don’t mind uploading those sometime and updating the link many of us would very much appreciate having access. Thank you!

    THIS – FDA-CBER-2021-5683-0652961-0652980-125742_S80_M1_lab-1448-1-0-pkg-insert-clean

    1. Oh yes those get grabbed by the app as do “open tabs”, but the link is in there for ALL the downloads. Just look right before it, I believe it is a Highwire link, but I could be wrong. There you can download everything.

  3. HI Ryan, regarding Dr. Charles Lieber… I appreciate how you mentioned him in the beginning and how deeply and quietly he’s connected to the plandemic.
    In digging into his story it’s mentioned several times (you probably also mentioned it) that in addition to a lump sum, Lieber received 50k per month from the CCP. He had also received millions over the years 2012-2017 (significant time frame for GoF) from NIH and DoD.
    It may be a coincidence, but the recent Biden classified Document scandal caused a receipt to surface that showed Hunter Biden was paying rent in the amount of 50k per month for the “Corvette property”. Actually he was paying 49,910$ per month, possibly to avoid alerting an audit?
    Anyway, that dollar amount overlaps in these two stories. According to court records, Lieber was offered what looked like a standard deal by the CCP to participate in their Thousand Talents Program. It is unclear if Lieber had any actual relationship to the two Chinese Nationals who were also arrested and always reported in relation to Lieber’s case. However, it is never made clear if there was any contact between the three.
    50k per month…

  4. Bourla is a war criminal. The latest shot killed my mom. She said she could not breath. They cannot back off of their plan because it would be an admission of the commission of genocide. We have a contaminated blood supply, and we are being attacked by spike generation message shedding from vaxx recipients . The US is the ring leader of this plan to kill us all. That’s what they were trying to do. Kill us all. They may have succeeded, we’ll probably all die sooner than we would have without being exposed to a nanotechnology bioweapon. For sure, stay away from large gatherings of recently vaxxed individuals.

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