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James Feldkamp on The Terrorist Threats We Must Prepare For

The kind of terrorism which we are seeing in the modern world is an altogether different beast from what we have seen in the past. It is for this reason that James Feldkamp, professor of George Mason University and expert on terrorism history believes that the authorities must do more in advancing the way in which we seek out and destroy terrorism at its root. James Feldkamp believes that in many cases terrorists are actually ahead of the authorities and that we must become more proactive than reactive in the way that we handle the threats that are facing us.


Much like with cybercrime, cyberterrorists are, at the moment at least, far ahead of the authorities in terms of the skills and the methods which they are using. We have seen evidence of this in recent years, notably the hack which took down the systems of the Central Intelligence Agency, a supposed technological fortress which was breached. Cyberterrorism has the power to ruin financial markets, bring down security systems and cause chaos in our nation and it is one of the biggest threats to our national security. This is a prime example of where we are only locking things down after the event, rather than getting ahead of the curve.

Car Attacks

The rise in car attacks which we have seen in place like New York, Charlottesville, Nice and London in recent years is an alarming threat and one in which we must find solutions. James Feldkamp concedes that this is a very difficult problem to address given the inauspicious nature of car traveling the streets, but nonetheless it is a dangerous threat and one which we must find resolutions to. The attack itself cannot be prevented of course, at least not in the majority of cases, and that means cutting out the attack at its source.


In a huge number of attacks which we have seen across the world, the terrorism is coming from within and certainly in the case of Muslim fanatics, these terrorists are often home nationals. The reason why a law-abiding American Muslim citizen may carry out such atrocities comes down to the strong radicalization which is occurring in mosques and in Muslim prayer groups across the country. There is an environment whereby Imams have been given the platform to spew hatred and disdain for the West and their words often inspire and motivate younger Muslims. Impressionable teenagers are fed lies and propaganda which support the terrorist cause and they are then radicalized to such an extent as a result of it, that they begin to plot and plan extreme acts of terror. James Feldkamp believes that if we can target these mosques which are intending to radicalize youths, we can go some way to stopping these kinds of attacks at source. It is important to remember that it isn’t just the Muslim community where this is happening and there are also many far-right extremists who are doing similar things to young people.

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