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Dump Davos #1: Data Colonialism & Hackable Humans

In this video series investigating the people and agendas of the World Economic Forum, Whitney Webb and Johnny Vedmore analyze a recent speech given at Davos by Israeli “futurist” historian Yuval Noah Harari that exposes the WEF’s agenda for the “useless class”, the rise of exploited data colonies, and the creation of an internal and external surveillance state.


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Whitney Webb
Whitney Webb is a staff writer for The Last American Vagabond. She has previously written for Mintpress News, Ben Swann's Truth In Media. Her work has appeared on Global Research, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She currently lives with her family in southern Chile.

5 Replies to “Dump Davos #1: Data Colonialism & Hackable Humans

  1. Whitney your research is world class and I truly appreciate the information you bring. The only feedback I would offer is to be more aware of the overuse of “you know.” It distracts from your brilliant presentations.

  2. reminded of a quote.. the value of a human being does not lie in his usefulness, for he would continue to exist even if there were no one to whom he could be useful.

  3. A fantastic presentation. This is the asylum in all of its glory. To be sure, from a physics and engineering perspective, what they’re proposing is fantastically improbable. Anyone with some technical nous who spends some time looking at the *actual* progress they’ve made on the technologies that they assume to be coming to save them will realise these people are as deluded as they are psychotic. There will be no staggeringly powerful quantum computers, for example, to process all of that data they imagine they’re going to be collecting. That’s going to go the way of fusion. We’re hitting the limits of what silicon can do. The dwindling of energy supplies is inevitable and desperately trying to claw back the losses of fossil fuels with (misnamed) renewables is nonsensical. It’s also a recipe for total ecological collapse. You can, perhaps, look forward to a future on a fraction of the available power we have now and only for a relatively short period.
    Don’t get me wrong, in the short run it’s going to be a horrible, horrible ride. And one way around the energy crunch is to kill a lot of people. Billions of people. But in the long run, this fails. Harari has no concept whatsoever of the physics, or biology, he just believes the marketing blurb of a bunch of fantasists from the Valley. The idea that they could know us better than we know ourselves is laughable. No doubt they believe their own bull but they’re every bit as deluded as, say, the atomic gardeners of the 1950s. AI will never be a gardener or a farmer. It will never grasp the full complexities of soil. They will never understand biology through sensors and algorithms.

  4. “if you love the world cup, you are already a globalist”. Yea, cause you know, ALL those brainless, useless, unwashed masses LOVE the circuses we put on for them, right? RIGHT? I think your algorithm is showing some cracks, Himmler.

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