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Dr. James Lyons-Weiler PHD Interview – PEG, TEG & The Known Dangers Of The COVID Vaccines

Joining me today is Dr. James Lyons-Weiler PhD, here to discuss the potential dangers of the mRNA COVID-19 injections. We will focus on how James called out the presence of unsafe epitopes as well as PEG within these injections, before they were being used, and how today the real-world data is verifying his claims. Finally, we go over TEG and the EPA’s newly authorized (for emergency use) ‘Chemical Air Treatment’ and how this only adds to the potential for damaging reactions. All of this was ignored, dismissed and disparaged by the very institutions charged with keeping you safe in exactly this way.  


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Ryan Cristián
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3 Replies to “Dr. James Lyons-Weiler PHD Interview – PEG, TEG & The Known Dangers Of The COVID Vaccines

  1. The CDC and the evil US government objective is mass murder. The vaccine is doing exactly what they want to do to world population. I used to think in the past these were merely just conspiracy theories. I am no anti vaxxer but this time, I really understand what is the purpose of these pseudo vaccines. They do not immunize by the way like the classical well tested vaccines. This is in itself designed more like a slow kill bio weapon than truly a vaccine. The CDC now is not reporting the damaged people with their fraudulent VAERS system. These people are tyrants and tyrants like those running the CDC and the FDA but in general the tyrants running the US government deserve a Nurenburg trial.

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