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Dr. Andrew Kaufman Interview – What Is The True Catalyst Behind COVID-19?

Joining me today is Dr. Andrew Kaufman, here to continue our previous conversation on the topics of Terrain Theory and Germ Theory, and how this very important conversation has everything to do with understanding COVID-19 and its true catalyst. 


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Ryan Cristián
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18 Replies to “Dr. Andrew Kaufman Interview – What Is The True Catalyst Behind COVID-19?

  1. hmmm… I don’t think it has to be an either/or. We do know that bacteria exist and cause infection. I see no reason why bacteria on the skin is safe but when introduced deeper into the body it causes problems. Things don’t belong in the blood that are just fine on the outside. It’s not always the directly the bacteria itself that makes it bad but it is the response to it… as in e.coli by itself isn’t the issue but the cellular response causing lots of toxins. As to viruses… I don’t understand how that German man won in court because no one could find a picture of measles… there are thousands of them taken with an ESM… I wonder if anyone has verified that that was a real case or a fake?

    1. His latest is 1.5 million euro to prove covid virus exists.
      No he is not fake it is about the test developed in the 40’s or 50’s to isolate virus had a problem glossed over. When the so called viral material was removed the results of isolation were the same.
      So Stefan has recreated the exact steps and repeatably and he can get the sequence and photos of Covid with nothing but the chemicals used for the “isolation”. A virus is a theoretical concept, prior to this time virus meant “liquid poison”.

  2. So this is like electrons and protons — no one has ever seen one but we do crazy things with them. Hmm… contagion is real… it’s just that some have better immune systems and different genes. They infect mice all the time with germs and they get sick.

  3. I wonder how he would answer to the idea of symptoms. If it were only a terrain issue then different bodies would have different symptoms when sick … but you can easily see that measles, chickenpox, etc is what it is because everyone who gets it has the exact same symptoms. You don’t see that if it’s just terrain — i.e., how people with depressed immune systems will have quite varied symptoms all the time.

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  5. I can’t see how this nullifies germ theory in any way. Also maybe some things are less cut and dry, but how could terrian theory by itsself ever explain the following illnesses and events:
    The black plague
    The high effectiveness of early antibiotics
    The “Spanish” flu
    Chicken pox

    And the most important: The myriad plages that killed 50-90% of the Native Indians. Occam’s razor says the Spaniards and English had something fatal with them that they were used to and the locals were not, not that the Native Indians were less in touch with their own needs especially given the poor and unnatural conditions of months long sea travel.

    I think terrain theory is probably to some extent correct given getting immunity to covid-19 while not getting ill from it has been shown by your sources many times. As well as clearly observable things like people in the same house not all getting sick, and healthier people having a better time with disease usually. Saying this is true does not also mean that disease spreading is not, as I think Dr. Kaufman is stating. He also seemed very confident that germ theory has no bearing whatsoever which is rather unobjective.

  6. Fascinating topic. I was waiting for Dr Kaufman to extend his explanation of terrain theory to viruses in particular, but then you got sidetracked by the face masks. Pity.

    Furthermore, I got confused when Dr Kaufman acknowledged the existence of microbial parasites. For a proponent of terrain theory, isn’t that just letting germ theory in through the back door? Which leads me to wonder whether the two theories aren’t mutually exclusive in the way Dr Kaufman seems to suggest.

  7. When I was a kid my bro had chicken pox and I wanted some time off school so I git him to breathe all over my face and hey presto I came down with it. How does terrain theory (which I’m drawn to) explain that?

    1. Maybe you got from the same cause/source that he got it from, since you were living in the same house, had similar lives, probably similar diets, or some other common factor.

  8. I’ll be stealing Ryan’s thing and say, as usual it is very interesting to hear Dr.Kaufman views on things. That point at the end, I’vs been saying it a lot lately before I heard it from him. Instead of the complicated ADE explanation, how about the vaccine is poisoned and you injected poison into your body and got sick afterward? Simple and make sense. This is why in the first year of this lie, they needed to the flu to a break for the first time in history, that’s where they got their cases and deaths. Now, with these injections, you’ll have plenty of cases and deaths, it’s just a matter of coming up with names and excuses for it.

  9. The invading army mindset is what I call it. It’s like when there is a hair-lice outbreak at a school; the little critters will jump from kid to kid and everyone has to be treated or shave hair, so the kid-carrier is isolated at home. The virus is not quite like that. So, if someone has measles, mumps or polio (or COVID-19) it won’t jump on everyone who is near and infect them. It may infect people with weak immune systems. However, since a big proportion of society have a junk-food diet, are obese and have an immune-compromised system…then…they probably will get the spreading measles, mumps or polio? AND SO, is that why the government imposes such draconian rules?

  10. It’s not a black and white subject, yes terrain is important and explain some diseases (urinary infection for instance) however infectious germs or viruses obviously exist, and even unscientific people know that (common sense and experience drove people to organize chicken pox parties for their kids, not scientific papers or imaging…)
    To me Kaufman tries to polarize the discussion as all shills do. It’s a classic dialectic case of pushing people to one side or the other where there are none.
    Oh and btw, viruses can be grown in labs, sars cov2 too…

  11. A supposedly trained physician telling you he never heard of probiotics before working at the hospital and that his colleagues didn’t understand why intravenous food is not processed as well as in the stomach is absurd to say the least… I first heard about it when I was 9, from cartoons for crying out loud. I’m a biochemist now and can say every “mainstream” scientific course teaches about the terrain and metabolic influences on diseases…

  12. One reason why the effects of the COVID jabs are inconsistent across the population could be that some people are actually receiving a placebo. Only the drug manufacturers would know which lot numbers represent the actual “vaccines.” If (as has been reported in some quarters) we’re actually witnessing Phase Three trials of these injections, then presumably there must be a control group . . . That said though, the mass vaccinations seem to be carried out so chaotically that it’s hard to imagine that any of the injections are actually being tracked — let alone that there’s significant correlation between the first dose and the second. I’m inclined to suspect that it’s all a crap shoot and that “Phase Three trials” don’t even exist except maybe in some small segment of the population. Any thoughts?

  13. Uh oh. Y’all didn’t talk about emf’s. You know, electricity and stuff. And the five whatever. This is causing disease and death so which “theory” would this fall under?

  14. 1830, 189 years ago, John Quincy Adams gave America the answer to what is behind SARS-CoV2. During the period of a decade leading up to 1840, cholera had a similar effect on how people gathered or the lack thereof. The net effect is societal stagnation and in the recent past, the degradation of nations. I strongly suggest that people pay attention to what is wholly presented and continue to question everything. We have been born into a system and in order to make informed choices, history must be understood. All of this is about money. Period. Follow the money. Call out their names.

    Men such as Ted Gunderson are examples of standing up for what they believe in without being subservient to the hidden order.
    K is the number after 10, and the founder took part in the Civil War. The man of war prophecy; Albert Pike.

    263 companies were put on a list for participating in solidarity with respect to destroying the USA however, this is the mindset of destroying in order to build. Pay attention. Follow the money.

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