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COVID Mortality Is An Illusion & 129 Billion Masks/65 Billion Gloves A Month Pollute Our Planet

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (12/23/20).

As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth is, or claiming they have the answer, is likely leading you astray, for one reason or another. Stay Vigilant.



Video Source Links:–Israeli-Normalization-Deals-

5 NIH/National Library of Medicine studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:

Cloth Mask Study

SOME of the mask studies on efficacy:

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Ryan Cristián
"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." - John Lennon Driven by a desire for accuracy, chef and independent news stalwart Ryan Cristián has a passion for the Truth. As a recent recipient of the Serena Shim Award For Uncompromising Integrity In Journalism, he understands that Americans want their news to be transparent, devoid of the opulence frothed out by today's corporate media. A cultured and insightful man with a worldly sense, Ryan's unjaded approach offers common sense to the individual racked by the ambiguous news cycle - a vicious and manipulative merry-go-round that keeps trenchant minds at a manageable distance from the truth. Avid writer & editor by day, Truth seeker by night, Ryan's reality defines what it means to be current.

28 Replies to “COVID Mortality Is An Illusion & 129 Billion Masks/65 Billion Gloves A Month Pollute Our Planet

  1. The term “side effect” was always a deception to make adverse effects seem less important.
    Drugs have EFFECTS, some wanted, some unwanted. “They” sell the effects they want you to see, and the unwanted effects are always hidden or marginalized, small print, “side effects”.

  2. It seems that almost all independent media are not aware that if they were to focus on the inexistence of “viruses” all this hoax will fall by itself in the eyes of the public.
    To this effect there are materials galore.
    Why wouldn’t you do it?

  3. To be more specific, you backtrack on the existence/inexistence of virus in general. You create doubt.
    What if you were to study the biological theories, especially the genetic ones, and find astounding contradictions between the assertions about existence of viruses and the theories of biology which are what the “scientists” profess?!
    That’s were the rub is.

    1. All of human experience has taught us that colds and flu are contagious. My own experience has taught me this. I visit someone with the flu, briefly, and a day or so later get the same symptoms and illness. This without sharing a meal or other environmental factors in common that could account for a random “cleansing”. I also can feel a contagion as it works its’ way INTO my body. What ever viruses are, colds and flu are contagious; something is passes on. Most people know these things, so what would be the point in arguing that what most scientists think is the messenger, carrier, of a cold or flu doesn’t exist?
      Explain how lab produced flu virus was used to test masks? The masks always failed and they know they failed because the people got the flu, some anyway.
      Explain how vaccines have caused the very disease that they were alleged to be protecting people from. And those people spread the contagion they got from from the needle, to others.
      Viruses may be much more or much less than science thinks, but there is Clearly a contagion.

      You know something. Flat Earthers make just as good of arguments. IMHO
      Watch out for the rabbit holes; they are hard to spot by times.

      1. Something to say in a hurry:
        – Symptoms overlap and crisscross, being manifestations of the body’s fight against a wide range of intruders: electricity has been causing problems since discovery/invention; EM waves are even more powerful; the pollutants in air, soil, water, foods are well-known facts.
        If it is not a viable pathogen like bacteria or fungi, then it is the entire surroundings that cause the illness.
        The virus is not viable because it is a construct manufactured in ignorance and greed for money/social positions. Check the history of Louis Pasteur, who was a fraud instructing his descendants to keep secret his diaries, until the last one gave it to an institution in Paris. From that, an American professor wrote a book and divulged the secrets.
        Check about Antoine Bechamp and his discovery that terrain is what causes diseases, not single pathogens – particularly “pathogens” that have never been identified.
        Start with what the theories of Biology say about genetic material.
        Observe how the “virologists” create new functions for RNA and DNA which have never been proven and are not – not yet! – in the dogma of textbooks.
        Empty minds go to universities and gobble up all it is said there. Then their living depends on sustaining the dogma – whether realizing it’s a lie, or not realizing it.
        There is a lot to search.
        I did.
        Check Dr. Stefan Lanka. He started as a virologist and since his discoveries he rejects the label.
        Have you heard that he offered 100,000 euros to anyone who brings even one study proving the measles virus?
        Nobody could bring such.
        And this is true of all “viruses”.
        Take the time.
        I did.
        But you need some abilities to navigate through terminology and outright lies (like, “We did it so we know what we talk about”.)
        But no proofs!

  4. So, you are supporting testing on animals?!
    What goes around comes around.
    Let all those cruel to animals die in pain with the vaccines or other means!
    You seem to want to be one of those.
    So be it!

    1. They ARE testing on animals. Fairly low IQ and/or desperate animals. Humans. The trial will be ongoing for at least two years.
      Vaccines are always damaging, by design, so should not be used or tested at all IMO.

      Ryan knows that animal testing is cruel to animals. They are poisoning human animals right now; do you have any issue with that? Maybe focus on that for now, what?

      This time it isn’t even a vaccination; not that they are in any way safe, effective, or needed.

  5. May all those who torture animals and those who are not against it be suffering from the same tortures!
    You seem to be one of them.
    So, there! It’s coming to you!

    1. Again, sort of absurd to assume I, of all people, would support animal testing, despite the numerous shows I have done calling out exactly that. You are both missing the forest for the trees.

  6. Because you mentioned somewhere that people want vaccines tested on animals, and you didn’t have a counter to that.
    If it’s just oversight and you are against it, then bravo!

    1. Just so it’s clear, there was no oversight. I was referring to the customary animal testing phase for vaccines. Which was skipped. I don’t think this vaccine should be happening at all, let alone the testing of it, on humans or animals.

  7. Ryan….I am in the Philippines…love your work…the labs here use 45!!!!! deaths have flat-lined,,,..0005% death rate of ‘alleged” cases…meanwhile…test-test-test… so ridiculous! All they report are cases.

  8. @ 00:33:37 Paper- “Deaths in South Korea…”
    At the end of the 3rd paragraph “good time to get vaccinated”.

    This reminded me of another aspect of vaccination, where horse sense is scarce.

    First of all I would argue that there is NO good time to get vaccinated, but if I were to entertain the fantasy for a few minutes, that vaccines were effective, safe, and somehow needed; then there would be certain times that vaccinations would be safer and more effective; and bad timing.

    Perhaps the movies have confused even doctors to think a vaccine is medicine. You have seen movies where someone has contracted a deadly something, and they rush to make a vaccine, and yeah!, got to them just in time; cured them. LMAO
    Vaccination does not work that way at all….again assuming they “work” at all.

    If vaccinations were safe and necessary and effective, the time to give them would be when you were very healthy, AND the chance of being exposed to any, even similar contagion, was as close to zero as possible.

    Vaccines all cause harm, and the theory is that this harm makes the body better prepared for the real deal. It takes time for the body to mount an “immune response” AND RECOVER. Then and only then, would one have some limited immunity…assuming again that a vaccine was any help.

    My point: The absolute worst time to give vaccines is DURING a cold/flu season, or when someone may already have an infection. The vaccines damaged you and then before your body recovers BANG, you get a killer cold while your immune system is depleted.

    I know that vaccine researchers understand this, as do some doctors; so why recommend doing something so obviously flawed, so obviously incorrect, and dangerous?
    SALES! And “they” do not give a shit about you.

    My Mother developed a chronic cough, and doctors tried all their chemicals, to no avail.
    One doctor understood that a vaccination would just make her sicker and would not give her any snake oils; they had no idea what was wrong anyway. Then another doctor gave her a flu shot, while she was still coughing??? Fool!

    I bought her vitamins; she is much better now. I convinced her to stop letting people inject her with snake oils, AND to stop watching so much TV “news”. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. She is mid 70’s. I got her a water filter for Xmas, because I know that there is too much copper in their water. I told her doctor that my family had symptoms of copper poisoning. Crickets!
    Nothing to sell for copper poisoning!

    Vaccinating people just as the common cold/flu season approaches, or has arrived, is the worst time to do so….assuming there is ever a good time.

    So, is the motive for jabbing people at the worst time, just for the sales? “They” know that this will harm people; is that also their motive? Seems like it.

    1. My bad, Mom is very late 70’s, not mid LOL
      See it is good when sons forget their Mom’s birthday now and then. Makes her seem years younger 😉

  9. 80yr old dies in a car accident. Gets tested for covid n it’s because covid.
    80yr old gets injected with a vaccine n dies n it’s not the vaccine, it’s because they were 80

  10. Looks like you didn’t have a lot planned for the holiday either Ryan lol 😉
    Great work!….it is actually the 24th now(for me) so more fantastic work ….
    You and James, hitting it out the ball park, really doing a fantastic job explaining things; while the powers that shouldn’t be are drunk lol
    Regarding this video:
    All those MASKS and GLOVES…hmmmmmm. I bet someone is making a fortune selling masks and gloves. I wonder if any someones who have made, or is making, the most money off this part of the scam; had made substantial investments into their manufacture; pre scamdemic? May be a dead end? “They” could just have “surprised” the industry.
    Nearly everything “they” have done for this “pandemic” was and is, both incorrect and wrong. IMO
    Here is your early Christmas present folks: Do not simply trust me, absolutely do not believe me, do your own thinking always. I have been causally looking into natural medicine, nutrition, and many things about the pharmaceutical industry, for 30 years. I always prefer independent unbought sources, who’s only agenda that matters is TRUTH. I have the highest of mechanical aptitude and have been well aware of the NWO plans for over 20 years. I have long time back injury, so when I can’t work, I sometimes study, and think a lot. Here is your present, if you have the ability to know the truth when you hear it: You are not in any danger from “the virus”, even if one was actually released. You have no need to wear a mask if you are not sick or asymptomatic. Washing hands and shopping carts was always a good idea. You have absolutely no need for an experimental concoction posing as a vaccine. You have no need for vaccines. You do need vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals, from things that were, or are, alive. You need to stop putting chemicals in and expecting health to come out.
    Best present I can give to all humanity- the key to fixing the majority of the corruption on this planet, is understanding the true history and true nature of money. The most important aspect of “money” is how we define it. That determines who controls it. Real money, as described by Plato as well, is a very simple thing, an abstract creation yes, a legal creation, yes. Not monetized precious metals!
    Things with high intrinsic value, like gold, can always be bartered as the commodity they are. Real money is so simple that most people today can’t even imagine it, having never seen it or been taught in school…for several generations now. The only purpose of real sovereign organic money is to facilitate barter. Everything else is manipulation of probably the most important invention of mankind. We globally create our own damn reset, employing real money world wide, and that will create as close to an ideal economy and society we could hope for. AND by taking the power away from the money masters, they will be needing jobs, AND the politicians will then have to listen to YOU and ME, not the banksters. I hope people will come to understand this……100+ years ago would have been nice, but soon??? monetary DOT org is a good place to start; just remember, the simpler money is, the better.

    1. Corrupted monetary systems cause a current of greed and deception and immorality and struggle, that runs throughout society. “It’s just business”.
      All of you have parents and grandparents who were also born into societies with this current(currency) of poison running through it. Sadly, most think this is normal.

      IMO, nearly all schools of economic theory, born in this “current”, are flawed; some very much so. Some lie to sell their truth..or theories.
      An example: Economists will nearly all agree, that a healthy economy is a growing one. Only true of a debt based cabal controlled monetary system; it will crash, after wealth is leached from the people, and they struggle, for many generations.

      If we create REAL money, there is only growth, when growth is needed. The currency will be stable, and it will become obvious to reeducated economists, that a healthy economy is a stable one….almost entirely “middle class”.

      First the world needs to get it into their heads, what real money, of the people for the people by the people, is.
      No debt, no interest, no fractional reserve lending practices(biggest cause of inflation/devaluation), no private control, not based on commodities(except to set an initial value), recorded on various mediums of exchange that can not be counterfeited, made from thin air and a FIAT of the people, the amount of money strictly controlled. I think hemp or other cannabis paper, would be a wise choice, for a medium of exchange. I would begin with the new real “one dollar” bill, being worth $100 of today’s “money”. If I were in charge 😉
      The federal reserve act in the US must be obliterated; and I would want all the cabal to have all their assets seized for over 100 years of theft.
      The Bank of Canada Act needs to be un-corrupted and then improved, and the Bank of Canada needs to be declared independent of the crown, along with the Country itself IMO
      All those world wide who have worked to corrupt monetary systems and constitutions need to be put into work camps, and their assets seized.
      Monetized gold will become just gold. Banks become service centers, and only lenders with 100% reserves.
      The old money gets collected up by the new monetary service centers(former bank buildings), while the new REAL money gets spent into existence.

      The new organic sovereign money, should be spent into existence, into three areas, necessary to get everyone to work. Functional Medicine Health Care, Infrastructure, and Improved Education.
      Melt down all the old coins to make new ones.

      Bury the international banksters in the old paper, and light it up! Too far??? LOL

      1. Half the worlds wealth is owned/controlled by only a handful of people; therefore one of the most noticeable and rapid differences, the common person will see, from the employment of REAL money, and the arrest and seizure of the criminal money masters, will be their own wealth doubling. Everyone you know becomes twice as wealthy as they are now.
        Better economy and more wealth and people are healthier and tend to have less children.
        AND we still do not need vaccinations.

        A few laws need correcting ASAP….yesterday. Must be illegal to patent living things. No manufacturer is exempt from liability. No large “donations” to politicians. IMHO

        The use of REAL money will do a lot more than just double the wealth of every working person; that poison current, corrupt “money”, will no longer be running throughout society; and that my friends will improve us all.

  11. That was excellent and worth watching for two hours. Please share. I’ve been shadow banned on Twitter. I love you all in Christ. Hugs.

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