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How To Choose A Good SEO Company For Your Audit

Having regular SEO audits is really important if you run your own website. It allows you to see how much traffic you are getting to your page, what is optimized and what isn’t, and allows you to update anything if you need to. Running audits like this regularly means that in the fast paced world of SEO, your website can stay at the top of its game by keeping everything fresh and up to date.

Often you won’t have the time or inclination to run an SEO audit yourself, meaning you should hire in outside help to do it for you. Because you should be running these audits regularly, you will want to choose a company that work well with you, who you get along with and who will provide you with a great service. Read on for some tips on choosing a good SEO company to do your website audits.

  • Beware of just picking the first result on Google.
    • Although it may make sense to choose a company who has the first or second spot on the Google search page, this doesn’t always mean that they are the best companies to go for. The really good companies don’t need to rank highly on search engines, because they get a lot of their work through word of mouth. Ask around and see what names you get.
  • Don’t trust the ‘top SEO companies’ pages.
    • These pages are designed to sell you a company. The deal with this is that companies will generally pay a fee to be included on such lists, and it had no actual reflection of their credibility.

  • Look for a company who shows examples of previous work.
    • SEO companies who are happy and willing to provide you with examples of their previous work are obviously trustworthy. They have nothing to hide and are showing off their work to prove it. Be wary of companies who refuse to show you examples of work.
  • See if they have experience of your type of website.
    • Companies who have experience working with websites similar to yours, will have experience of understanding what you want or need from your website. They will have worked with similar people before and you know that they can tailor their service to meet your exact needs.
  • Above all else, trust your gut.
    • Generally your gut will tell you when something feels wrong. If you don’t like the look of a company, or get a funny feeling, don’t use it. A good SEO company should make you feel welcome and be warm and friendly.

Luckily for you, Seologist are a leading SEO company since 2002. They can produce fantastic website audits and all of their staff are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable. Have a look on their site to find out how they can help you with your website auditing needs.


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