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Candidate For California State Senate, Austin Bennett, Joins The Truth Revolution

There has never been a time in American history, where truth has been so important, or so very subjective. Truth, is quite literally under attack. Which is why it has never been more important to seek out and find those who represent that truth while never faltering, even in the face of extreme opposition. Nowhere Read More…

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From Hastert To Liddy, It’s Clear There Is More To “PizzaGate,” But Let’s Stop Calling It That

The Last American Vagabond has been covering this investigation since the beginning, and in no way feels that what has been uncovered — such as the excellent and open-minded work of Press For Truth, SGT Report, Titus Frost and many others — is in any way diminished by the propaganda campaign that was used to specifically Read More…

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California Deputy Attorney General Charged With Possession Of Child Pornography

With the recent early release of convicted pedophile and former US Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, the investigation that became known as Pizzagate has been somewhat pushed back into view. Despite the ceaseless mainstream agreement to ignore any and all corroborating facts and information that continue to be exposed, when those willing to brave the Read More…

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Denying Cannabis And Its True Nature

Looking back fifty years, one can see obvious differences in the public’s general state of health. Current data shows that more than 40% of people who died in 2012 had been diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life and these figures are increasing. Over 1,688,780 new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed Read More…

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The War Being Waged Against You And The Failure Of Mainstream Media

The Deep State controlled US (DSCUS) has been waging an intensified amount of thinly veiled wars of conquest since the passing of the Patriot Act, which was just the beginning. Since that time, what was once the United States, has become almost unrecognizable. The change has been so subtle that many have failed to notice the heading this Read More…

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The “Coincidental” US/ISIS Coordination, Orchestrated Famine, And Rising Civilian Casualties

One of the largest hangups that many have when considering whether one’s government would take action that risks their very lives, is why? Why would they do that? How does that benefit them? That can be a hard question to reconcile, not only due to the centuries of programming and conditioning for that exact question, Read More…