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US Electoral College Officially Elects Donald Trump as President With 270 votes; 4 Democratic Electors Successfully Defect

The US electoral college just officially elected Donald Trump as president with 270 votes. Despite all the hype and failed attempts, there were only 4 Democratic electors that successfully defected in Washington state. Interestingly enough, instead of voting for Hillary Clinton, who won the state’s popular vote, three electors voted for former secretary of State Colin Powell and Read More…

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The Divide of the Uninformed – The Manipulation of a Nation

As the American people begin to closely examine the shroud that has been pulled over their eyes–seeing the veneer of misinformation that has been cast over the country’s exponential and perpetual profiteering and war-mongering–the people slowly awaken to the prospect that, in its simplest terms, they have been lied to. The Choice to Follow Their Lead This country Read More…

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Doesn’t Matter Who “Hacked” Podesta, If The Emails Are True

There have been an absurd amount of accusation and allegations being thrown around in this election, so much so, that to some degree they all begin to lose their relevance. Of all the misdirection being attempted, it is paramount that the American people come to one unfaltering conclusion: That it does not matter where these Read More…

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Facebook “Fake News” Censorship Agenda in Full Swing: Alt Media Sites Being Broadly Censored Regardless of Truthful Content

As this fake news agenda is continually and vehemently pushed by the vast majority of both Democrat and Republican news outlets, and sold as the protection of the fragile minds of Americans who are apparently unable to decipher what is and is not real, the people’s First Amendment rights are surreptitiously being eroded. All this Read More…

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The Tide Begins To Turn: Joe Rogan Talks PizzaGate, Breitbart and Hastert

The current media war taking place between alternative and mainstream, has enveloped every corner of the average American’s newsfeed. Each calling the other fake news, with one side attempting to break through the decades of lies, and the other trying to maintain its strangle-hold on the public’s perception of what is, and is not, the truth. In Read More…

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RFID Chip Implants Are Quickly Becoming A Reality For Americans

H.R. 4919, which allows the US government to actually implant RFID microchips into the bodies of those with “mental disabilities” for tracking purposes, recently passed the House. With the controversial nature of the recent bills being quietly passed, the US has found itself on a very dark and irreversible path away from what little democracy remains in Read More…