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New Ontario Law Allows Gov’t To Steal Kids From Parents Who Oppose “Gender Identity”

Ontario has just set a startling precedent with the passage of a new law that could lead to the government seizing children from parents who oppose the “Gender Identity” agenda. Bill 89, the 2017 Children, Youth and Family Services Act, passed by a vote of 63-23 on June 1. The new law will have jurisdiction Read More…

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Down The Rabbit Hole: Mainstream vs Independent

With the massive onslaught of both censorship and outright attacks on independent media, most in the business of spreading truth, and filling the gaping holes left in our society by the deafening absence of mainstream journalistic integrity, have been left with few options to be financially successful in this regard. Mainstream media incessantly depicts any genuine alt media Read More…

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‘Rape Table’ At Newark Airport Under Investigation By Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security is investigating US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers for allegedly assaulting fellow officers by duct-taping them to a “rape table” during a sickening hazing ritual at Newark Airport. The shocking allegations came to light during a report by NBC 4 New York. A number of officers, part of the Read More…

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James Corbett And James Evan Pilato Discuss PedoGate And Trump’s Connection

Despite the massive effort to create an air of absurdity around the ongoing citizen investigation into the prevalence of pedophilia at the highest levels of power–that which was once called PizzaGate, or PedoGate, yet was heavily censored and derailed for obvious reasons–the truth continues to leak out around the seams of this festering government cesspool Read More…

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Symbolism, Neurophenomenology, & Hunting the White Rabbit

“The years … when I pursued the inner images were the most important time of my life. Everything else is to be derived from this. It began at that time, and the later details hardly matter anymore. My entire life consisted in elaborating what had burst forth from the unconscious and flooded me like an Read More…

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Mother Brings Her Baby Back To Life With Prolonged Skin-to-Skin Contact After Doctors Pronounce Him Dead

Kate Ogg gave birth to twins but to her dread, after one of her newborns struggled to breathe, doctors pronounced him dead. As she held her new son, she and her husband could not believe what had happened. Perhaps in a last attempt to say goodbye, or simply by instinct, she unwrapped her baby and Read More…