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Flint Citizens Drink Poison While Nestle Pumps 200 Gallons Of Fresh Water From Michigan Every Minute

As you’ve probably already heard, Flint, Michigan is currently in the midst of a water crisis. Children have been taken to hospitals with reports of irreversible brain damage, and the federal government has now declared a state of emergency. How did this happen? In an effort to cut costs, Governor (Rick Snyder) decided to switch the city’s Read More…

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Pharma Giant Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $72M for Knowingly Causing Cancer With Product

(RT) — A Missouri court has ordered pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a woman who claimed that the company’s talcum powder caused the ovarian cancer that killed her within three years. Alabama resident Jacqueline Salter Fox filed a lawsuit prior to her death in October 2015. Read More…

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Monsanto’s Chemicals Make Their Way Into 85% of Personal Hygiene Cotton Products

A new study at the University of La Plata in Argentina found that about 85% of cotton products such as gauze, cotton balls, feminine products like pads and tampons, baby wipes, etc. tested positive for glyphosate. Another even more staggering finding is that 62% of the tested products had traces of AMPA, an environmental metabolite Read More…

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Saudi Princess (Member Of Royal Family) Says Geoengineering Is A “Weapon Of Mass Destruction”

A couple of months ago,  HRH Princess Basmah Bint Saud, humanitarian and daughter of King Saud, compared geoengineering science and programs to weapons of mass destruction, arguing that their implementation is like setting off a bomb without the nuclear explosion. She also stressed that geoengineering threatens the world’s water and food supply, and is one of the Read More…

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Black Water Coming Out of Faucets in Texas – This Nation’s Man-Made Problem

Currently in Crystal City, Texas, residents are tuning on their faucets and bathtubs to find that only black water comes out. Authorities have brought in truckloads of fresh water and have responded relatively quickly when compared to many other such occurrences, where those is low-income areas have been faced with toxic water as their only means Read More…

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MDMA: New Study Under Psychotherapy Settings Demonstrates PTSD Rehabilitation

Earlier this week, recent updates in psychedelic research irrefutably proved the therapeutic efficacy of MDMA. This would mean that many of the former negative claims about this substance were essentially fabricated with misinterpreted and biased scientific studies, and over-generalized statistics. These scientific studies of course cannot account for what any sort of street-grade ecstasy may be cut with, Read More…