Human Experimentation
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Human Experimentation Rampant in the United States

In an article in the New Republic in December, 1998, former UNSCOM leader Scott Ritter decried Iraq’s chemical and biological weapons experiments on human subjects. Wrote Ritter, We had received credible intelligence that 95 political prisoners had been transferred from the Abu Ghraib Prison to a site in western Iraq, where they had been subjected Read More…

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Monsanto’s Glyphosate Found In All Wines Tested In Napa Valley, Even The Organic Ones

Monsanto has been under serious fire in the last few years as their products as well as their practices are continually revealed as not only harmful to humanity, but knowingly so. The Last American Vagabond recently reported on the 14 German beers that were found to contain glyphosate, which the World Health Organization recently labeled as Read More…

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What Happens To Your Life When You Start Thinking Outside The Box

The phrase “think outside the box” is admittedly a bit of a cliché. Using it conjures up images of men in suits à la Mad Men trying to come up with the latest and greatest advertising slogan. In spite of that, thinking outside the box really does work. It helps us to approach problems in different Read More…

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HMO Hitmen and the Profits of Heroin Addiction

“Susie is dead.” I still remember the text message on that fateful morning. “Susie is a 24-years-old, hard-working, good-looking girl without an enemy in the world. She is the type of person who naturally connects to everyone and genuinely cares about others. How could she be dead? “She died from a heroin overdose.” I heard Read More…

Porter Ranch
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This Is What’s Happening to People Who Live near the Worst Gas Leak in US History

Porter Ranch, CA — On February 18, SoCalGas and the national media declared the “worst methane gas leak in U.S. history” permanently sealed, but just over a month later, hundreds of Porter Ranch residents who evacuated — and are now returning home — are suffering the same symptoms they suffered when the gas leak was Read More…

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Alysa Erwin Beats Back Cancer Twice With Cannabis After Being Told She Had No Options, Twice

A massive shift in awareness has come about in the US over the last decade. In many areas, the American public is beginning to not only see things in a different and more lucid light, but beginning to question that which has gone mostly unchecked for decades: the mainstream narrative. When it comes to cannabis, despite Read More…