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Marijuana Refugees

“One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.” Martin Luther King Jr. In every society, each citizen will eventually come to a crossroad in which a choice must be made. It is a choice that will not only define the society, but ultimately, define the individual. It is an age-old battle between right and wrong, Read More…

contacting us
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Are ET’s Contacting Us Right Now? 

In a recent conference held over the Halloween weekend, “Dark Journalist” alternative researcher Daniel Liszt hosted the Secret Space Program Conference 2015 (SSPC15) with a variety of specialized, scholastic guest speakers such as Linda Moulton Howe, Joseph P. Farrell, Catherine Fitz, Jim Marrs, Dr. Paul LaViolette, and more. The lectures and discussions were focused on Read More…

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Anarcho-Capitalism: The Philosophical Structure for a New Society?

Power – the amount of control one has over the ability to act on something. Power is held at the individual level or in groups, and can be manifested internally or externally. Power can also be attained through individual action or collective action. For example, a person or group could acquire power internally from within Read More…

U.S. dollar
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Is The U.S. Dollar Going To Collapse?

If one were to turn on the television right now, the mainstream media would be painting the picture of an economy that is in a recovery and a U.S. dollar that is strong as ever. Yet there is a strong contingency of people on the Internet declaring the U.S. dollar is heading for a major collapse Read More…

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9/11/01 as a Data-Set

“There’s a special logic that grows with commercial perversion Just to be safe. It’s like being blindfolded all the time. But your mouth never closed, Your excuses are filled with holes Suppose you’re being lied to–Would you ever even know? We’ve been terrorized with air-conditioned issues And spare crimes. What do you believe in more? Read More…