Sophia is the special investigative correspondent at Inside Syria Media Center
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Turkey’s “Olive Branch” Military Agenda Has Incited the Pentagon to Intensify Training of US Sponsored Kurdish Border Security Forces (BSF)

After the Turkish Air Forces hit Kurdish positions in Syria’s Afrin, the General Staff of the Turkish armed forces on Saturday announced it launched ‘Operation Olive Branch’ against the Kurdish PYD/PKK troops. The next day, the Turkish command reported that aircraft had hit 153 Kurdish militant targets, including “shelters and arsenals.” In addition, according to Read More…

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Who Is Really Willing To Prevent Nuclear War?

A petition appealing to the DPRK’s authorities to stop testing weapons of mass destruction (WMD) during the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang has recently emerged at A huge number of athletes and sports fans eager to live in peace and harmony have initiated this petition. Their emotional distress is quite justified. The fact is Read More…

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Will ISIS Attack The Olympic Games In South Korea?

Despite major defeats in Syria and Iraq, ISIS still remains the greatest threat to security and stability in the world, save for those who created them. The terrorists have switched recently to single hostile activities and heinous acts of terror in the EU and throughout Asia. Social media became quite a good platform for ISIS Read More…

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Inside ISIS Management Structure: Fatally Wounded ISIS Trying To Reallocate Resources And Reappoint Its Killers

Inside Syria Media Center sources on the ground give an inside look into the scattered, yet still very present ISIS organization, and reports on personnel changes and renewal of ISIS leadership. Senior officials are currently in hiding and are trying to optimize the management of their structure and continue to carry out illegal subversive activities in a Read More…

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Fight In The Skies Of Deir-Ezzor

US Air Forces Central Command, Russian/Syrian aircraft crossed a de-confliction line into coalition airspace east of the Euphrates River 6-8 times a day in late November. “The greatest concern is that we could shoot down these aircraft because of their actions are seen as a threat” to coalition forces, the source claimed recently together with Read More…

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Will The U.S. Withdraw Its Troops From Syria After ISIS Is Routed?

According to Washington Post, the U.S. hopes to prolong its military presence in Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) areas in the north of Syria. Current United States Secretary of Defense, serving in the Cabinet of Donald Trump, James Norman Mattis proved this fact saying ‘We’re not just going to walk away right now.’ Officially the Read More…