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Are The US And Israel Planning War On Iran, Using False-Flag Pretext?

The US policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran, via sanctions, has only escalated during the final months of Donald Trump’s presidency. Possible strikes on Iran by the United States are being taken seriously as Iran’s foreign minister claims Israel could be planning false-flag attacks to ignite a war.

Iran’s Foriegn Minister, Javad Zarif, warned on January 2nd of “new intelligence from Iraq indicating that Israeli agent-provocateurs are plotting attacks against Americans—putting an outgoing Trump in a bind with a fake casus belli…”. The Iraqi Kataeb Hezbollah, which form part of the PMU attached to the country’s armed forces, also claimed that an attack on the US Embassy, which was cause for Donald Trump to blame and threaten Iran on twitter, was a false-flag attack.

In the final months of Donald Trump’s term in office as President of the United States, he has escalated tensions with Iran, administering further sanctions against the already suffering country. Many understand Trump’s actions to be part of an attempt to damage US relations with Iran to such an extent that the future Biden administration will not be capable of re-entering the JCPOA/Iran Nuclear Deal.

Following the assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, on November 27th, which is understood to have been carried out by Israel with US knowledge of it having been planned, tensions have continued to rise.

Prior to the assassination, speculation was already underway that major events leading the region to the precipice of war could take place. Israel and US analysts had speculated on whether the US would strike Iran prior to Donald Trump’s departure, with Israeli analysts reporting that Israel was preparing for Iranian strikes on the country. The possibility of war was also taken very seriously by Iran and its allies in the weeks preceding the Israeli act of terrorism which was carried out on Iranian soil, with Secretary General of Lebanese Hezbollah, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, stating during his ‘Martyrs Day’ speech that all ‘Axis of Resistance’ forces should be on high alert for the next few months.

Following the assassination, these tensions have only been exacerbated by the US and Israel. Israel has in the past two weeks launched three separate attacks on Syria, two of which were committed using Lebanese airspace, and which targeted Syrian military sites. The United States has also deployed a nuclear submarine to the Persian Gulf along with re-positioning its ‘Nimitz’ aircraft carrier in the region in order to threaten Iran. The US has also been performing multiple flyovers of the region with its B-52 bombers, which are again capable of delivering Nuclear payloads.

Iran has been accused too of making inflammatory moves, by the US and Western corporate media, with its announcement that the country would further enrich Uranium to 20% purity. Iranian government spokesperson, Ali Rabiei, confirmed however that this was a fully legal move in line with article 36 of the Nuclear Deal reached in 2015. The move however, prompted Israel to again threaten Iran, warning that it would not allow Iran to achieve a nuclear weapon, this is despite Israel having Nuclear Weapons, and unlike Iran, not having signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

Iran has also seized a South Korean flagged tanker in the Persian Gulf, with negotiations now ongoing for its release, which Iranian media have claimed happened due to the tanker violating environmental laws. This, as Iran fears the US will attempt to seize 5 billion dollars “held hostage” in South Korean banks, due to US sanctions. The United States just recently seized 7 million in Iranian owned assets, which the ‘Department of Justice’ announced will allegedly go towards paying for “State-Sponsored acts of terrorism”, without providing any specific details or evidence to support these claims.

Many US media outlets have also wrongly reported that Iranian President Rouhani had stated that President Trump would be ‘dead in days’, misrepresenting the way in which this was truly spoken and attempting to whip up hysteria in the United States. It is clear from the transcript of the Iranian President’s speech, that he was referring to Trump’s era and his political power.

This whilst Iran has passed into law that the country must react to the assassination of its top scientist, which many believe means a strike of some kind on Israel. Iran also issued arrest warrants for Donald Trump and 47 others, via Interpol, this Tuesday for their roles in the illegal targeted assassination of Hajj Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s former top General of the IRGC’S Quds Forces. 

Until the last moment of Trump’s Presidency, it is possible that a war with Iran could be sparked, pushing the entire region into chaos. As long as the US remains in Iraq and Afghanistan, places its forces strategically against Iran in the Persian Gulf, and works with Israel to carry out acts of terrorism against the Islamic Republic, Iran will not rest and will inevitably continue to pursue more capable methods of securing its safety.

With such acts of terrorism and blatant aggression having been carried out by Israel in the recent months, against Iran, it is likely that more of the same will continue. Iranian ally, Lebanese Hezbollah, is also preparing for an escalation with Israel too, as Israeli military analysts have stated that a possible multiple day battle with the Lebanese political organization is highly likely.

To simply assume tensions between Iran and the US-Israeli alliance will vanish with a new presidency, and that false-flag operations are far-fetched, would at this point be entirely naive.


Robert Inlakesh
Robert Inlakesh is a documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer, Middle-East analyst & news correspondent for The Last American Vagabond.

2 Replies to “Are The US And Israel Planning War On Iran, Using False-Flag Pretext?

  1. I was expecting a false flag as excuse to invade Iran by 2005 or so. “They” appear to be behind schedule. Too many people became aware of the 9/11 false flag.

  2. Sadly, most Americans will fall for the next false flag attack, like they have all the others. At least they’ll have their Heroin and Big Macs however, and that’s what really matters…….to them.

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