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$4.2 Billion IMF Bailout For Ecuador Paved The Way For Assange’s Arrest

WikiLeaks has long reported that the $4.2 billion IMF bailout [in addition to another $6 billion from other U.S.-dominated financial institutions like the World Bank] for Ecuador was closely related to complying with US demands, in particular on revoking the asylum of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. On Thursday, that appeared to come to pass.

Following recent days of Ecuador’s leadership saying Assange’s asylum would not last forever, he was arrested by British police within the London Embassy. Ecuador has tried to present this as related to continuing WikiLeaks operations, and in particular a January leak of Vatican documents.

Ecuador’s economy has been struggling mightily in recent years, and the government has bet much on their ability to secure a bailout. In the end, the US sway over the IMF meant that Ecuador was required to placate the US to get that money.

Ecuador’s recent attempts to stake out a comparatively independent foreign policy, something which the Assange asylum move was a product of, made them a lot of enemies, particularly in the US. As the government now tries to get on the good side of the US, Assange was the main thing the Americans wanted, and Ecuador seems more than willing to try to facilitate that.

While official IMF statements make no specific mentions of Assange, the clear link between the two is likely to continue to loom large, particularly in any US attempts to secure extradition for Assange after having bought his expulsion and ultimate arrest by Britain.



Jason Ditz
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5 Replies to “$4.2 Billion IMF Bailout For Ecuador Paved The Way For Assange’s Arrest

  1. What about Chevron Stinking Up the Ecuadorian Jungle with Lovely, Black, Slimy Crude Oil Spills ? Will Trumpenstiltskin have Chevron Clean it up ? or will the $10.2 Billion disappear down Moreno`s Plughole ?

  2. Well there had to be some skulduggery going on it’s so obvious, and that the USA and UK are in cahoots. Hopefully they’ll be a support group or something for Assange soon or he can obtain asylum elsewhere. The trouble is USA so want him.

  3. I read online that France is willing to offer Assange asylum. If I can find it again, I will post the link here.

  4. Still innocent until proven guilty. And even after his possible conviction, he will probably get a job as IT security adviser to tell how Army Intelligence screwed up.? . And Trump may give him a medal for his work on exposing Hillary Clinton, which the FBI would not and could not do. : 0 )

  5. I have just heard a talk on ABC radio with Yanis Verisakis…pardon the spelling…He has visited Assange about 10 times so far ….. he said that the politics of Equador need to be explained.

    The previous Govt of Equador has just been overthrown and the new leader is a big pal of US/Trump…. the new Govt now has taken the Embassy, changed all the staff and then THIS…………

    All the claims of Assange’s hygene are FALSE and he has been taken as a hostage and will have been exchanged for BIG $ or arms .from the US..when handed over to the British…. who were forced to remove him….

    Watch out folks…. its not a good story for journalism and FREE SPEACH…. The US has Chelsea Manning in custody and they are pressuring him to include Assange in the crime of hacking…. Chelsea Manning refuses… and thats the problem…. they cannot remove Assange until Chelsea lies …. which she will not.

    So … thats what I heard…

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