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Turkey Announces Military Incursion Into Iraq, Threatens US Over Manbij

Turkey announced the beginning of military operations in Iraq’s Sinjar province a week after the country and its Syrian FSA allies captured Afrin from Kurdish fighters. On Sunday President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the beginning of Turkish military operations in Iraq’s Sinjar region a week after Turkey and allied Syrian FSA groups captured Afrin from Kurdish fighters. During that prior victory Read More…

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US General Admits SDF Is YPG – US Simply Changed Names Of The Org For Political Reasons

Researchers and analysts who are familiar with the Syria Democratic Forces operating with American backing in Northern and Eastern Syria have long noted that the SDF is nothing more than the YPG along with a heavy peppering of Arab jihadists. Yet the corporate press in the United States continues to claim that the SDF are Read More…

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U.S. And Turkey Agreed On The Assassination Of Kurdish Politicians And Field Commanders

After Turkey had unleashed a military operation in the north of Syria it became clear that Erdogan is ready for decisive actions on this issue. On January 25, the Kurdish command initiated the redeployment of its troops from Deir Ezzor and Al Hasakah to the area of Manbij. In response to these events, the American Read More…

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US To Create 30,000-Strong Border Force In Syria, Outraging Turkey

The US-led coalition forces in Syria have announced their intention to create a new 30,000 man border force in northern Syria, along the border between Syria and Turkey. The force is expected to predominantly be Kurdish, but also include some Arab fighters. Spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon confirmed that the inaugural class of border fighters were already Read More…

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US-Backed Rebel Defector: US Coalition Made Secret Deals With ISIS In Syria

Former Spokesperson for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Talal Silo, alleges US-backed fighters struck several deals with ISIS, allowing fighters and their families safe passage out of ISIS-occupied cities. The former spokesman of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who defected from the US-backed coalition to Turkey, has accused the Kurdish-led group of making evacuation deals with Daesh (ISIS) fighters. Correction Read More…