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CDC “Spider” Scientists Attack The CDC, Expose Culture of Collusion and Coverups

They write a letter to the CDC chief of staff … And I write a letter to them There is a group of anonymous scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control—they call themselves the Spider Group—Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research. They have penned a letter to the CDC’s chief of staff, Read More…

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New Evidence Confirms Link Between Autism and Mercury

An international team of scientists has published a study that claims that a fundamental relationship exists between mercury and autism. The research results show that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) had significantly higher levels of mercury when compared with healthy control children. A direct correlation was also observed between levels of mercury toxicity and Read More…

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CDC Blocks Testimony of Their Senior Scientist Who Blew The Whistle On Severe Medical Malpractice

Have you heard of Dr. William Thompson? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. His story was completely ignored by mainstream media outlets, the same way that they recently ignored the fact that the Pentagon paid a PR firm half a billion dollars to make fake terrorist/news videos. Dr. William Thompson is a longtime senior CDC scientist. He Read More…

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CDC Admits Their Vaccines Cause Food Allergies

Editor’s Note: This may be why so many people are getting sick these days from our food, especially kids. It’s also been confirmed that there is glyphosate present in the vaccines. Since we know there’s a ridiculous level of glyphosate residue permitted on the food in this country, especially wheat… you see where this is Read More…

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Another Shocking Study Finds Glyphosate Present in Childhood Vaccines

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s signature herbicide RoundUp, has become a pervasive toxin in the environment and food system. Many foods are now made with RoundUp Ready soy, corn, canola, and some of these same crops are fed to factory farmed animals for meat and dairy products. This ubiquitous presence of glyphosate is not all that Read More…

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Glyphosate Found In Most Vaccines

Research scientist Anthony Samsel has confirmed that glyphosate, a key active chemical in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup®, has been found in most vaccines. In this video, we hear Dr Samsel reciting his findings. Additionally, Dr Samsel sent a letter to his Congressional Senator from New Hampshire wherein he gives Senator Shaheen permission to share his laboratory Read More…