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Midterm Scoreboard Reveals Massive Influence Of Pro-Israel PACs On Congressional Candidates

The scoreboard presents 29 bills and resolutions that were introduced on behalf of Israel, some openly drafted by AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. A detailed scoreboard on candidates for the Senate and House of Representatives shows that 28 pro-Israel PACs and numerous pro-Israel individuals have given candidates millions of dollars in campaign contributions. The scoreboard presents 29 Read More…

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Now Biggest Donor In All Of US Politics, Sheldon Adelson Brings An Israel First Agenda To Washington

Adelson’s massive expenditures in federal elections this cycle are being made because he believes that Republican control of the House and the Senate is vital to maintaining right-wing and pro-Zionist policies and his influence in Washington and at the White House. WASHINGTON – According to publicly available campaign finance data, Sheldon Adelson – the conservative, Zionist, Read More…

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Trump Is The Latest In A Long Line Of US Presidents Trampling On International Law

Trump, like many presidents before him, essentially argues that international law must be broken if it is to be saved. With the bombing of Syria, however, he violated more than just international law. The U.S. missile attack on Syria in response to unproven chemical weapons use by the Assad regime once again puts America in violation of Read More…

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Dems Sue For Hillary Loss, Comey Leaks Investigated, North Korea Suspends Nukes & The Marijuana Rebellion

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/20/18). On this wonderful April 20th I want to begin by pointing out what it was that originally caused me to create The Last American Vagabond, the issue that Read More…

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How Israel Managed To Turn The Right Against Its Own Interests And The Left Against Itself

The pro-Israel information war has led many on the right, including Viktor Orban and Donald Trump to have different views about Israel than they do on every other similar subject. Meanwhile, the left has descended into civil war on the issue. Many people are feigning shock at the fact that Hungary’s center-right (some would say Read More…